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January 2009 (Volume 37, Number 1)
  • MFP Kicks Off 35th Anniversary Year
  • Slate of Candidates for the ASA 2009 Election
  • Sociology Student Active in the Election of 2008
  • Vantage Point: Science Serving Human Rights
  • Science Policy
  • Sociologist Addresses Issues in Educating the Next Generation of the Scientific Workforce
  • Sociology Professors Awarded Grawemeyer Award
  • IOM Meeting Focuses on Behavioral/Social Determinants of Health
  • International Perspectives: Sociology and Public Arenas: A View from Australia (Raewyn Connell)
  • International Perspectives:: American Sociological Association and International Initiatives
  • On the Cutting-Edge of Scholarship in Sociology
  • ASA Staff Give Back for the Holidays
  • Sociology Internal Interest Group Approved by ISSOTL (Kathleen McKinney)
  • New Staff at ASA Executive Office: Nortia Bailey, Edward J. Matchett, Tonya VanField
  • ASA Seeks Applications for Student Travel to 2009 Annual Meeting
  • Sociologists in Research and APplied Settings: Sociologist Explores Workforce Readiness of New Graduates (Henry M. Silvert)
  • Update on ASA and the ACLU Academic Freedom Case
  • ASA Online Job Bank Going Strong
  • Thank You, ASA Members
  • Annoucements
  • Obituaries: John T. Doby, Harold S. Guetzkow, Duncan MacRae, Jr., Richard P. Nadeau
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    February 2009 (Volume 37, Number 2)
  • Sex in the City: A Sociological History of San Francisco (Siobhan Brooks)
  • Two New DGG Services to Help Sociology Departments
  • Sociology Makes Top-Ten Careers List
  • Vantage Point: Social Science's Role in Building Bridges to an American Recovery
  • Science Policy
  • BA and Beyond...and to Graduate School
  • A Sociologist in a College of Engineering: Stranger in a Strange Land? (Don Winiecki)
  • Re-Stating the Significance of the DuBois Distinguished Scholarship Award (Mary Pattillo)
  • The Debate on "Neighborhood Pressure" in Turkey (Ates Altinordu)
  • More Candidates for the ASA Election
  • Putting the Community First through Public Sociology: The Highlander Research and Education Center (Chris Baker, Frank Adams, Lee WIlliams, Randy Stoecker, & Glenn S. Johnson)
  • On Meeting a Queen (Thomas J. Scheff)
  • Lights, Camera, Answers! (Stefanie Joshua)
  • Sociologists Elected as AAAS Fellows
  • ASA Awarded Grant for Travel Support to ISA World Congress 2010
  • Public Sociology: Reprise of a Battle Won: Sociologist Monitors Boston Transit System's Treatment of the Disabled
  • Annoucements
  • Obituaries: Lloyd E. Ohlin
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    March 2009 (Volume 37, Number 3)
  • A New Politics of Community in Action? (Patricia Hill Collins)
  • San Francisco 40 Years Later (Edward A. Tiryakian)
  • Congratulations to the 2009 ASA Award Winners
  • Vantage Point: Economics 101: Investing in ASA
  • Science Policy
  • Sociologists Headlined Plenary at NIH Summit
  • Busy Time for AKD (Jeffery Chin)
  • ASA Annouces the 2008-09 Congressional Fellow
  • PowerPoint: To Use or Not to Use? (Madeleine Cousineau)
  • Delgado to Take on Social Problems
  • What Can I Do with a Master's in Sociology?: The Department as Context
  • The First Lady and Princeton Sociology (Howard Taylor)
  • Building Global Community for Online Students and Faculty (Darlene A. Smuncy and Katherine Humber)
  • The Use of FAD Funds: Expanding Experimental Investigations of Race/Ethnicity in Sociology (Carla Goar and Jane Sell)
  • Candidates for ASA Offices in 2009
  • The Golden Anniversary of Medical Sociology
  • Are Journal Accept Rates as Low as They Look? (Paula England)
  • JHSB Research Gets Local AIrtime Nationwide
  • ASA Forum
  • Annoucements
  • Deaths: Peter Kollock, G. William Skinner
  • Obituaries: David A. Ward, Laura Winterfield, James Rutland Wood
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    April 2009 (Volume 37, Number 3)
  • Bringing Communities Back In? Setting a New Policy Agenda (Patricia Hill Collins)
  • Kathleen S. Lowney to Edit Teachng Sociology (Maxine P. Atkinson) 
  • Vantage Point: Time for a New (or Renewed) Office of Technology Assesment
  • Science Policy
  • News from ASA's Research Department
  • ASA Council Supports Independence of Federal Statistical and Research Agencies.
  • UCSF Doctoral Sociology Program Celebrates its 40th 
  • Task Force on Teaching Ethics Completes Its Work
  • Beyond the Regular and Dissertation Competitions: Funding Opportunnities at NSF
  • ASA's Teaching Enhancement Fund Supports Three New Projects
  • ASA Forum  
  • Annoucements
  • Deaths: Ethelyn C. Davis, John Hope Franklin, Carla B. Howery, Bruce D. Johnson 
  • Obituaries: Bruce L. Berg, Patrick G. Feeney, Mohamed Dayee Turay
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    May/June 2009 (Volume 37, Number 5)
  • Local Flavor: Alternative Agriculture and Food Justice in the San Francisco Bay Area (Alison Alkon)
  • Brown, Donato, Isaac and McCammon are Incoming Editors of American Sociological Review (Daniel B. Cornfield)
  • Vantage Point: Only One Way to Write. Right?
  • Science Policy
  • Assessing History in the Making (Elizabeth Jacobs)
  • Sociologists Take the "Science of Science Policy" to Capitol Hill
  • The Undergraduate Sociology Degree's Real-World Application
  • Diverse Research Workforce is Key to Health of Nation's Science Enterprise
  • An Update on Gender-friendly Sociology Departments
  • Over 60 Years of Sociology at UMass-Amherst (Randall Stokes)
  • Sociologists in Research and Applied Settings: A Sociologist Tackles Homeland Security (John S. Verrico)
  • MFP at the Annual Meeting
  • East vs. West?
  • Between Public and Professional: Chinese Sociology and the Construction of a Harmonious Society (Xiaogang Wu)
  • ASA Awards Grants for the Advancement of Sociology
  • Four New Projects are Funded through th ASA Community Action Research Initiative
  • Sociologists Receive 2009 Guggenheim Fellowships
  • ASA Forum
  • Annoucements
  • Obituaries: Carla Beth Howery
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    July/August 2009 (Volume 37, Number 6)
  • Building Excellent, Diverse, and Just Communities: A Conversation Among Artists, Academics, and Activists (Patricia Hill Collins)
  • ASA Partners with Sage for Journal Publishing
  • Results of 2009 Election Are In
  • David Bills to Edit Sociology of Education (James Rosenbaum)
  • Vantage Point: Quantitatively Hard Science: Counting Us
  • Science Policy
  • Data Users Struggle to Prevent Suppression of Race, Ethnic, and Gender Statistics
  • ASA's Rose Series Continues Award-Winning Ways (Matthew Mahler)
  • NSF Report Tackles Standards of Evaluation for Qualitative Research (Michèle Lamont)
  • Sociology in the Twittersphere
  • SWS Targets Healthcare Policy as Action Issue (Jessica Holden Sherwood)
  • The Significance of the Jessie Bernard Award (Patrica Yancey Martin)
  • TEF Small Grants Renamed to Honor Howery (Patricia Hill Collins)
  • Sociologists Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
  • Sustaining Sociology in a Bad Economy (Maralee Mayberry and Donileen Losske)
  • What's Segregation Got to Do with the Nation's Subprime Mortgage Lending Fiasco?
  • Introducing MFP Cohort 36
  • ISA Call for Papers
  • International Perspectives: The State of Russian Sociology Today (Mischa Gabowitsch)
  • Short-Term Jobs with Long-Term Results with the 2010 Census
  • Annoucements
  • Deaths: Mary Alice Eaton Ericson, Jane Collier Kronick, Ralf Dahrendorf, Robert Thamm
  • Obituaries: Timothy McDaniel
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    September/October 2009 (Volume 37, Number 7)
  • Evelyn Nakano Glenn's Displacements and Connections (Myra Marx Ferree)
  • The Subject and Practice of Community Explored at the ASA Annual Meeting
  • Neil Gross to Edit Sociological Theory
  • Vantage Point: Science Has Returned to the Nation's Capital, But...
  • Science Policy
  • ISA Prepares for 2010 World Congress of Sociology (Val Moghadam)
  • The XVII World Congress of Sociology Gothenburg, Sweden, July 10-16, 2010 Call for Papers
  • Sociologist Delivers Policy-relevant Economic Testimony to Congress
  • Successful Research in Small Departments (Vince Bolduc)
  • ASA Leadership Campaign Begins by Raising $300,000 for MFP
  • Lessons Learned from a Public Controversy (Donald C. Reitzes, Mindy Stombler, Kirk W. Elifson)
  • The U.S. Supreme Court and the Voting Rights Act (Douglas Snyder)
  • Additional Sociologist Receives 2009 Guggenheim Fellowships
  • Think Ahead to 2011!
  • Social Conflict: Multiple Dimensions and Arenas
  • 2009-10 Regional and Aligned Associations Meetings
  • Sociology Jobs
  • Searching for a Job with an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology
  • Johns Hopkins Department of Sociology Celebrates Its Golden Year (greg Rienzi)
  • Applications Invited for Editorships
  • Announcements
  • Deaths: Giovanni Arrighi, Alexander Logie Clark, Donald M. Crider, Helen Miller, Mary Rogers, Neil Alan Weiner, and Jerry Alan Winter
  • Obituaries: Bill Devall, Seymour Leventman, Mary F. Rogers, and Allan Schnaiberg
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    November/December2009 (Volume 37, Number 7)
  • Amos Hawley: A Pioneer in Human Ecology (John D. Kasarda)
  • Tim Futing Liao to Edit Sociological Methodology (David B. Grusky)
  • Seeking Nominations for ASA Officers and Committees
  • Vantage Point: "Adopt a Federal Database"... and Open the Data Highway for Better Research and More Informed Public Policy
  • Science Policy
  • Dealing with World Hunger (Sada Aksartova)
  • NSF Interdisciplinary Workshop on Sociological Approaches to Studying Morality (Steven Hitlin and Chad Michael)
  • Are Students Satisfied with Their Sociology Master's Degree?
  • Recent ASA Research Briefs
  • Reflections from a Sociologist of Popular Culture (Oliver Wang)
  • The Significance of the Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award (Earl Wright II and Jean Shin)
  • Nominations Sought for 2010 Section Awards
  • ASA Members and Friends
  • Sociologists Spend Summer Briefing, Testifying Before Congressional Audiences
  • Footnotes to Focus on Online Website in 2010
  • Major ASA Award Recipients Honored in San Francisco
  • Call for Nominations
  • A Tribute to Amos Hawley: Mentor, Colleague, and Friend
  • Public Sociology: [Not] Moving Along: The Policing and Regulating of the Public Space (Salvador Vidal-Ortiz)
  • Call for ASA Award Nominations
  • Section-in-Formation Status Approved for Global and Transnational Sociology (George Ritzer)
  • 2010 Annual Meeting Space for Other Activities
  • The 2010 Annual Meeting Call for Papers is Online
  • ASA Forum
  • Announcements
  • Deaths: Thomas P. Imse, Debra Kelley, Lenora Finn Paradis, and Jerry Alan Winter
  • Obituaries: Peter Kollock, Katherine Pavelka Luke, Charles R. Snyder, and Frederick L. Whitam
  • Call for Submissions: Carla B. Howery Teaching Enhancement Grants Program
  • Congratulations to the 2009 ASA Section Award Winners!
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