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July 19, 2005

American Sociological Association Convenes
Centennial Annual Meeting in Philadelphia

Washington, DC — The American Sociological Association’s (ASA) 100th Annual Meeting, with the theme, "Comparative Perspectives, Competing Explanations: Accounting for the Rising and Declining Significance of Sociology," will convene August 13-16 at the Philadelphia Marriott Hotel and the Loews Philadelphia Hotel. More than 550 sessions will be held on a wide range of topics including a course on “Sociological Work on Global Warming and Climate Change,” a plenary on the “Social Implications and Aftermath of the Tsunami,” a special session on “Attacks on Academic Freedom,” and a thematic on “Can Sociology Explain Rising Inequality.” The latest sociological research on health insurance, education, social security, religion, homosexuality, popular culture, and more will also be presented.

IAs part of ASA’s centennial, the theme explores the wide historical sweep of sociology over the past 100 years and addresses the key aspects of the social history of the discipline. In addressing the theme, ASA President Troy Duster (New York University and University of California-Berkeley ) said, “This is the centennial for the Association, so the meeting theme should be sufficiently expansive, and yet have sufficient focus to provide a framework in which to address the social history of the discipline—its contemporary situation and its potential future development.” (See the August 12 Chronicle of Higher Education article series on 100 years of American sociology for more on the centennial.)

The first decade of the new century has ushered in important shifts in the political terrain of the nation— notably a surge rightward. This year, at a plenary on “Comparative Perspectives on the Rightward Turn in U.S. Politics,” Dan Carter (University of South Carolina historian), Thomas Frank (author of What’s the Matter with Kansas), and Lani Guinier and Gerald Torres (authors of The Miner’s Canary) will discuss the remarkable growth of conservative power, politics, and culture in America in the last 30 years. Also, in commemoration of ASA’s centennial, the meeting will premiere two documentary films, A Century of Progress: Presidential Reflections and Lester F. Ward: A Life’s Journey, to celebrate the contributions of sociology to an understanding of social life in America.

In addition to regular sessions and plenary sessions, the 2005 Annual Meeting will include author meets critic sessions, special sessions, local tours, and other events on a variety of research and policy-related issues. Also featured are regional spotlights, which highlight research on the local community, such as “Black Philadelphia in the New Millennium: The Intersection of Race, Space and Culture” and Assessing Metropolitan Fragmentation in Philadelphia.” Special media events are also in the works. The searchable and PDF version of the preliminary program and up-to-date press releases are posted on the annual meeting website.
Media Opportunities at the Annual Meeting include:
  • Interviews with high profile sociologists
  • Releases of new research findings
  • Newsworthy topics and exciting scholarship

Journalists are invited to attend Annual Meeting events. Press facilities will be located at the Philadelphia Marriott Hotel. For more information or assistance reaching researchers, contact Johanna Olexy (202-247-9871, or Lee Herring (202-297-3149, cell), at the ASA Press Office.


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