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Barbara Laslett Award Statement

Barbara Laslett’s career is the story of feminist sociology, from its emergence over three decades ago to its current influential respectability. As a new PhD, she was one of the founding members of the ASA’s women’s caucus that eventually became Sociologists for Women in Society. That commitment to both gender studies and to the advancement of women in the academy has remained the unifying thread and hallmark of her career. Laslett’s scholarship began with “Mobility and Work Satisfaction” in 1971 and then branched out to follow her increasing engagement with feminist themes and studies that explored the intersection of life history and intellectual pursuits. She has been an unfailing source of support and encouragement to feminist scholars, through mentoring of graduate students, as well as through her editorial and organizational work. In her own career, the intersection of biography with history has produced the kind of sociology pioneered by Jessie Bernard, the blending of scholarship with emotional depths and a commitment to gender equality.