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Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

A journal of the ASA Section for Racial and Ethnic Minorities


Editor: David L. Brunsma, Virginia Tech, and  David G. Embrick, Loyola University Chicago
ISSN: 2332-6492
Quarterly: January, April July, October

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Mission Statement

The official journal of ASA’s Section for Racial and Ethnic Minorities, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity will publish the highest quality, cutting-edge sociological research on race and ethnicity regardless of epistemological, methodological, or theoretical orientation. While the study of race and ethnicity has derived from a broad and deep tradition of interdisciplinary, sociology indeed has often been at the forefront of scholarly understanding of the dynamics of race and ethnicity; yet, there exists no journal in sociology devoted to bringing together this important theoretical, empirical, and critical work. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity will provide a fulcrum upon which sociologically-centered work will swing as it also seeks to provide new linkages between the discipline of sociology and other disciplines and areas where race and ethnicity are central components.


Selected Articles

The Racial Gap in Childhood Blood Lead Levels Related to Socioeconomic Position of Residence in Metropolitan Detroit Heather Moody, Joe T. Darden, and Bruce Wm. Pigozzi (April 2016)

How the Legacy of Slavery and Racial Composition Shape Public School Enrollment in the American South Robert L. Reece and Heather A. O'Connell (January 2016)

What Is Racial Residential Integration? A Research Synthesis, 1950-2013 Ray Sin and Maria Krysan (October 2015)

“I Have More in Common with Americans Than I Do with Illegal Aliens”: Culture, Perceived Threat, and Neighborhood Preferences Cassi A. Meyerhoffer (July 2015)

When Change Doesn’t Matter: Racial Identity (In)consistency and Adolescent Well-being Rory Kramer, Ruth Burke, and Camille Z. Charles (April 2015)

Settler Colonialism as Structure: A Framework for Comparative Studies of U.S. Race and Gender Formation Evelyn Nakano Glenn (January 2015)

More than Prejudice:  Restatement, Reflections, and New Directions in Critical Race Theory Eduardo Bonilla-Silva (January 2015)