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Volunteer Info.

Volunteer to Organize a Regular Session!

The 2014 Program Committee is looking to identify potential organizers to review submissions to the Regular Session Topics. For this open submission component, the Program Committee works with a set of broad topics that was compiled by drawing on the experience of past programs and data on the quantity and quality of submissions. A core set of topics are designated to occur annually, and two sets of additional topics rotate biennially. The roster of Regular Session Topics for 2014 is listed here.

Session organizers must be current members of the Association. Anyone volunteering to review submissions to Regular Session Topics must also be willing to abide by policies governing such work.

Organizer Eligibility. The restrictions outlined below were developed to spread the benefits and burdens of organizing across the membership, help ensure that no one individual affects general program access for an extended period of time, and assure that organizing work is done by members with professional expertise and experience in the field.

Open Submission Sessions. The following types of sessions are open to submissions from the general membership each year. To be eligible for consideration as a Regular Session Topic organizer for 2014, you must NOT have served as an organizer for any of these sessions in 2012 and 2013.

Technical Requirement. It is very important to note that all submissions will be made online for all open submission sessions. The reviewing of submissions, correspondence with authors, submission forwarding, the recording of decisions about submissions, and the creation of session listings all occurs online using a web-based software linked to the ASA Membership & Registration login homepage. Because submissions will be accessible only in this online system, organizers must have high speed web access in order to carry out the reviewing responsibilities of a Regular Session organizer. Those using Internet Explorer will also have a better technical experience than those using other browsers. 

To Volunteer:

Provide the following information for review by the Program Committee.


Length. All volunteer proposals are limited to no more than four standard (8.5 x 11) pages in length. If longer proposals are submitted, only the first four pages will be forwarded to the committee.

Format. Submission of electronic documents via email is preferred. Handwritten statements are not acceptable.

Deadline. February 5, 2013.

Submission. Proposals should be sent to the attention of Jamie Arca, Meeting Services Program Coordinator, American Sociological Association, 1430 K Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005, USA;; fax (202) 638-0882.

The 2014 Program Committee will be reviewing volunteer proposals, as well as proposing its own nominees, when it considers assigning organizing tasks. Volunteers should be aware that submission of a proposal does not guarantee an invitation to organize.