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Open Roundtables

Two open roundtable components are sponsored by the Program Committee each year. These roundtables are not intended to compete with Section sessions. Rather, since many topics are not covered by Sections, these sessions allow individuals previously excluded from the active interaction of refereed roundtable presentation to find a place on the program.

For information on roundtables sponsored by Sections, please see Section Sessions  for details.

Open Refereed Roundtables

These roundtable sessions are held in meeting rooms set with 8-25 round tables that seat 10 people each. Open Refereed Roundtables use a mini-session format: a general topic identified for each table, two to four paper presentations, and a table presider to coordinate presentations and discussions. The roundtable organizer will group papers and tables by topic areas. Discussion proceeds simultaneously at all tables listed on each session.

Paper submissions for Open Refereed Roundtables must meet the same submission criteria as for Regular Sessions and must be submitted via the online submission system. Submissions on all topics are welcome. If submissions warrant, multiple sessions will be organized.

An Open Refereed Roundtable paper presentation is classified as an authorship under the participation rules. Table topics, table presiders, and paper titles with authors' names and affiliations will be listed in the Program.

Informal Discussion Roundtables

Informal roundtables offer opportunities for those who share conceptual, methodological, professional, or policy concerns to meet one another and to initiate and expand networks. These discussion sessions also are particularly valuable for those who are developing new ideas on formulating issues in new ways and who would like to explore these ideas or issues with colleagues who have similar interests.

An Informal Discussion Roundtable Session is usually comprised of 10-20 tables, each with a different discussion topic. Each table will seat ten people. Discussion proceeds simultaneously at all tables listed on each session. At each table the discussion leader will introduce the topic and facilitate discussion among all the participants at the table; no formal papers are to be presented.

These sessions are not intended to be avenues for formal paper presentation. Such papers should be submitted to organizers of Regular Sessions, Section sessions, or Open Refereed Roundtable sessions. Informal Discussion Roundtables are development and discussion opportunities and are considered to be informal sessions.

Informal Discussion Roundtable sessions are open to proposals on all topics. All submitted discussion summaries will be reviewed for possible inclusion in the program. If submissions warrant, multiple sessions will be organized.

Anyone wishing to propose a topic or issue for a discussion table should submit a 1-2 page summary describing the discussion topic/issue via the online submission system on the ASA website. The submitter is considered to be the discussion leader. The formal program listing will show the discussion topic at each table and the discussion leader’s name and affiliation.

Leading a discussion table does count as program participation, but it is not classified as a paper authorship.

AV Restriction

No audio-visual or tape recording equipment is supplied or permitted at Open Refereed Roundtable Sessions and Informal Discussion Roundtables.