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Poster Sessions

A poster presentation consist of an exhibit of materials that report research activities or informational resources in visual and summary form. Space is set aside near the exhibit area for these presentation, and each presentation has access to a large 4’x8’ bulletin board upon which to display important points from her/his work.

Research Posters

A research poster provides a unique platform that facilitates person discussion of work with interested colleagues and allows meeting attendess to browse through highlights of current research. Research submissions on all topics will be considered. Anyone wishing to propose a research poster presentation should submit either a full research paper with abstract, or a 1-2 page abstract and an outline of the actual display presentation. These materials must be submitted via the online submission system when it opens on December 7, 2013.

A presentation in a research poster session is classified as an authorship under the participations rules. Paper titles with authors’ names and affiliations will be listed in the Program.

Graduate Programs in Sociology

At this poster session, sociology graduate programs display information about their program, including application and admissions processes.  A representative from each graduate program is expected to be present during the Graduate Program Poster Session.  Attendees at the session include students who are participating in the ASA’s Undergraduate Honors Program -- a highly competitive program for outstanding students in sociology, many of whom are attending the Annual Meeting because they plan to apply to graduate school in the near future.  Undergraduate advisors also frequently attend in order to research programs of interest to their students.  After the Graduate Program Poster Session is over, the posters themselves remain on display throughout the remainder of the Annual Meeting.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to get an overview of graduate schools and for your department to do some free outreach in a cordial, inviting, and informative atmosphere. 

Interested graduate programs are encouraged to reserve display space immediately. Please do not delay, space is limited. If you have questions about the Graduate Programs in Sociology Poster Session, please contact the session organizer listed below.

Organizer: Perry Threlfall, Academic and Professional Affairs Program, American Sociological Association,

Research Funding Opportunities and Data Resources

These informal presentations provide information on funding resources, materials, and data sets available for graduate students and faculty research. A resource poster area will be accessible for browsing during exhibit hours, and there will be a designated time when attendees can expect to meet representatives of major research funding institutions and managers of available data sets such as the PSID, the NORC, and NCHS.

Organizer: Nicole Van Vooren, ASA Research and Development Department,