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2011 Annual Meeting

2011 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 

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MEETING THEME: Social conflict is constantly in the headlines, in the breaking news, but also under the surface of social life. Wherever there is change, struggle, or domination, there is conflict. Social conflict involves many dimensions, including not only economic and power struggles, movement dynamics, and violence, but also forms of inequality and domination latent with conflict, and practices which resolve conflict or which divert attention from it. [Read entire theme statement...]

-Randall Collins, ASA President and 2011 Program Committee Chair, University of Pennsylvania

Chicago Field Museum, ASA 106th Annual Meeting

Program Information

View the 2011 Online Preliminary Program Schedule.

One of the best ways to expand your network at the Annual Meeting is through supporting and participating in the social events of the Association.  View the details on important social events such as the Honorary Reception and the Departmental Alumni Night (DAN).

ASA 106th Annual Meeting

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Skyline of Downtown Chicago on a sunny day, ASA 106th Annual Meeting

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