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2012 Annual Meeting Online Preliminary Program Schedule

Online Searchable Schedule:

The online program is searchable by participant name, session title, or individual presentation title. 

You may also create and save a personal schedule. You must use your existing 2012 ASA account or create a new account if you have not logged in to the ASA database this year.

If you did not create a login account and login to the online planner, your personalized schedule will NOT be saved when you close your browser. Login to the online planner to save your information or print your "My Schedule" page for your records.

Note: Do not use your navigator's Back button. Use the navigation tabs on the top right of the screen to move between screens.



Full pre-registration for all Events and Services is now available.  You may sign up for courses, and candidate registration for the Employment Service.  Child Care Service, Chairs Conference, Directors of Graduate Study Conference, and MFP and TEF Benefit Receptions are also available as part of general registration.  Those who have already preregistered may add these events and services to their existing registrations online.
Please Note:  The Employment Service module will open at the end of May.  At that time, candidates who have registered for the Employment Service may access the site to update their Candidate Profile, upload their resumes, and indicate their availability for interviews during the Annual Meeting.  In addition, Employers (organizations) will be able to register for the Employment Service, pay their ES registration fee, post job listings, designate interviewers from a roster of pre-registrants, and begin the process of reviewing candidate profiles and setting up interviews.

All program participants (member and non-member) must preregister by May 11, 2012, to retain their listings in the Final Program.


Printable Copies of the Preliminary Daily Program Schedule

PDF-versions of the daily schedule are listed below.  The PDFs are current as of May 7; for the most-up-to-date schedule information, please search the online program schedule.

August 16 and 17 (Day 0 and Day 1)

August 18 (Day 2)

August 19 (Day 3)

August 20 (Day 4)

All program participants (member and non-member) must preregister by May 11, 2012, to retain their listings in the Final Program.


Deadline for Program Changes:

Authors & Organizers may edit their listings for the printed Final Program by contacting no later than June 1.