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Regular Sessions

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The announced Regular Session Topics listed in the Call for Papers are open to submission of full papers from members of the Association and other interested individuals. For these avenues to formal paper presentation, the Program Committee selects fairly broad topics, drawing upon the experience of past programs as well as suggestions from the membership, its own views of the discipline, and those topics it considers to be of timely and emerging interest in the field. This structure of fewer but wider categories is believed to broaden the scope of sessions and stimulate fruitful dialogue among related areas of specialization.

One benefit of this structure is that Regular Session organizers have the opportunity to organize more than one session, depending on the number and quality of submissions. An author’s chances of acceptance are thus enhanced, since organizers are less constrained by narrowly defined topics. All Regular Session topics are eligible for multiple sessions if warranted by the number and quality of submissions.

Regular Session organizers are expected to select for the program the best papers submitted to them. It is against ASA and Program Committee policy for organizers to recruit presenters selectively or to impose their own pre-planned themes on Regular Sessions.

Further, in order to assure wide participation in the program, it is Program Committee policy that organizers not give sole-authored papers in sessions they organize if they are to serve as presider or discussant in that session.

Regular Session organizers may construct sessions in the traditional paper-reading style or opt for a more interactive format. A traditional paper-reading session normally lists a session presider, four or five papers, and a discussant (optional). Interactive session formats vary, often pairing paper presentations, using more discussants, or having presenters discuss each other’s papers. In all cases, organizers are responsible for facilitating the session interaction.

A paper presentation on a Regular Session is classified as an authorship under the participation rules. Paper titles with authors' names and affiliations will be listed in the Program.