Printer Friendly Version Of American Sociological Association: Committee on Publications: August 2011


Tentative Agenda

Committee on Publications

August 21, 2011 8:30 a.m.-4:10 p.m.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas


Executive Session:                        Sunday, 8:30-10:30 a.m.

Open Session with Editors:          Sunday, 10:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.           


Discussions/Actions from the August 21, 2011 
Meeting of the ASA Committee on Publications


Elected members present were Catherine White Berheide (ASA Secretary), Karen Cerulo, Neil Fligstein, Jeremy Freese, Peggy Levitt, Cecilia Ridgeway, and Robert Zussman (Chair).

Editors present for the open session were David Bills, Tony Brown, Katherine Donato, Neil Gross, Douglas Hartmann, Karen Hegtvedt, Larry Isaac, Cathryn Johnson, Lauren Krivo, Tim Futing Liao, Kathleen Lowney, Holly McCammon, Patricia Roos, Naomi Rosenthal, Alan Sica, Chris Uggen, and Debra Umberson.

Present from the Executive Office were Sally T. Hillsman (Executive Officer), Karen Gray Edwards (Director of Publications and Membership), and Janine Chiappa McKenna (Journals and Publications Manager).

Representatives from Sage Publications, Thomas Mankowski and Eric Moran, were also present.

The Committee voted to:

Rose Shepherding Proposal. The incoming and outgoing Rose Series editors proposed that the outgoing editorial team retain oversight of manuscripts commissioned during its tenure and continue to shepherd the manuscripts until publication. The incoming editorial office will be responsible for the budget (including any expenses the outgoing editors anticipate) and the current Rose Fellow will provide administrative support to former editors, if needed.

Web Subcommittee Proposal. The Committee voted to make significant changes to electronic posting policies—the removal of part of the disclaimer language that appears on an unaccepted paper that appears on an author's personal web site (or repository); the addition of "peer-reviewed" when referring to a paper that has been previously posted in an electronic collection or online paper series when determining eligibility; and the revision of the policy that an author no longer has to remove manuscripts posted to personal web sites but instead must, if possible, include that an article is forthcoming in an ASA journal and once published, the author should indicate a revised version of the paper is available and include a citation to the final, published paper).

Increased Page Counts. The Committee decided to ask the American Sociological Review editors to consider whether additional pages would allow them to expand what they could publish. This wasn't necessarily (perhaps not even primarily) about increasing the acceptance rate, but about being able to consider and publish longer manuscripts.

Data Preservation. To follow up with the Committee's December discussion on making data citations more consistent (based on a request submitted by Data-PASS [Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences]), the American Sociological Review changed its submission guidelines to include data sets (available here) and requested other editors to do the same.

Financial Guidelines. The Committee created a subcommittee of the four continuing members to create guidelines regarding publication expenses and to decide how much of that information should be made available to the entire Committee and how much should be available to the public. ASA staff agreed that financial information would be provided to the Committee every year.

Update on Sage Partnership. Sage representatives came to the Committee on Publications meeting to answer questions and provide updates on the partnership, including the current subscription numbers.

The Committee will meet next on December 3-4, 2011.