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Tips for Communicating to Policymakers

Communicating to Policymakers

“While, ASA will be working in Washington to advance the social and behavior sciences, members can make their views known to elected officials. This is a fundamental right and essential to the future of social science funding. Members can send letters, make phone calls, and/or meet with elected officials. If elected officials do not hear from you, they will not have a clear picture of what social scientists care about. It will be too late if we assume that someone else will speak up.

Most members of Congress do not have the social science background necessary to make complex science policy decisions, however they want to be educated and want to know their constituents’ opinions.

As sociologists and allied professionals, we work every day to improve the understanding of the world around us and enhance our nation’s quality of life. This is a professional responsibility. However, we also have a civic responsibility—to share our knowledge to impact policies and programs that influence the public and our profession.” —ASA Executive Officer Sally T. Hillsman (December 2010 Footnotes)


Schedule a Meeting

Attend a Town Hall Meeting

Invite Legislator to Speak at Workplace

Tips for Successful Communication