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What do I get with a TRAILS Subscription? 

The subscription fee for TRAILS covers:

Access to over 2,000 teaching resources.

Download as many resources as you like for a full year (over a $300.00 value).

One full year of unlimited downloads from TRAILS

Download as many resources as you like for a full year (over a $300.00 value).  

One full year of unlimited Submissions to TRAILS

re are no manuscript fees to submit to TRAILS your year subscription allows you to make as many submissions to TRAILS as you like.  

How Much Does a TRAILS Subscription Cost?

The Subscription price to TRAILS is $25.00 for ASA members and $100.00 for non-members.

**Members of ASA Department Affiliate departments receive an additional 20% discount for ASA members and a 50% discount for non-members.

Why is TRAILS subscription based?

ASA charges modestly for using TRAILS to cover the costs of keeping the peer-reviewed content growing and fresh, improving the system based on users' suggestions, and keeping TRAILS technologically up-to-date.