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International Migration Call for Awards Nominations

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The International Migration Section's Thomas & Zaniecki Best Book Award

The Thomas & Znaniecki Award is given annually for outstanding social science scholarship in the field of international migration to a book published within the previous 2 years. For the 2015 award, books must bear the publishing date of 2013 or 2014.  Books must be nominated by a member of the International Migration Section, including self-nomination, but not by the publisher alone.  A book awarded “honorable mention” in a previous year is ineligible for the award in subsequent years.  Nominations consist of a written statement by the member proposing consideration of the book for the award.  Arrangements must be made with the publisher to send nominated booksto all committee members (mailing addresses below) by April 1, 2015:

Chair: Shannon Gleeson, Cornell University (

Members:       Greta Gilbertson, Fordham (
James Bachmeier (

Mailing addresses for sending nominated books:
Shannon Gleeson
Cornell University, ILR School
379 Ives Faculty Building
Ithaca, NY 14853

Greta Gilbertson
Fordham University
Department of Sociology
Dealy Hall 406B
Bronx NY  10458-9993

James Bachmeier
Temple University
Department of Sociology
743 Gladfelter Hall
1115 West Polett Walk
Philadelphia PA  19122

The International Migration Section's Aristide Zolberg Distinguished Student Scholar Award

The Aristide Zolberg Distinguished Student Scholar Award Committee invites nominations and submissions for the section's annual graduate student paper competition. Students from any discipline may submit papers about any topic related to international migration broadly conceived. Papers must not have been accepted for publication at the time of submission. Papers must be single authored and no more than 10,000 words, including the abstract and references. Only one paper per student may be nominated. A student who is a member of the IM Section may self-nominate the paper. A student who is not a member of the International Migration Section must be nominated by an IM Section member. A cover letter, abstract, and copy of the paper should be sent via email by May 1, 2015 to the committee chair:

Chair: Rene Flores (
Members:       Maria Aysa-Lastra (

                        Jennifer Lee (

The International Migration Section Distinguished Career Award

The International Migration Section invites nominations for the 2015 Distinguished Career Award. The award recognizes exceptional achievement and a lifetime of scholarly contribution to the field of the sociology of international migration. The letter of nomination should include a statement of the lasting significance of the research conducted by the nominated scholar over the course of his or her career. The nomination should also include a copy of the scholar's curriculum vitae, and an assurance that the nominee has given his or her permission for the nomination of the award. To be eligible for the Distinguished Career Award, scholars must be members of the American Sociological Association and the Section on International Migration at the time the award is received (though not required at the time of nomination). IM Section Officers and members of its Council are not eligible to be nominated while they are in office. All nominated candidates will remain active for two rounds of the award. Nominations will be evaluated by the Distinguished Career Award committee.  Please send your nomination letters along with supporting material via email by April 1, 2015 to:

Chair:             Katharine M. Donato (

Members:       Min Zhou (

                        Jacqueline Hagan (


The International Migration Section's Award for Public Sociology in International Migration

Deadline: APRIL 1, 2015
The Award for Public Sociology in International Migration will recognize the work of section members that addresses immigration and related issues in ways that apply scholarly knowledge directly in public work, generate such knowledge for public use, or otherwise contribute to improving  the lives of migrants or refugees. This prize recognizes the value of such applied work, and seeks to promote it.  “Public work” is broadly understood, but can include policy making, work with community organizations, advocates, or a government agency, or a university, or public debate. Members may be nominated by a letter or email or other written communication from a scholar or community member familiar with their work, with a packet of supporting documents, as applicable. The Prize may be given every year, or periodically, as need dictates.  Packets should be submitted to the Prize Committee Chair by April 1, 2015

Chair: Roberto Gonzales (
Members:       Elizabeth Aranda (

Filip Garip (

The International Migration Section's Louis Wirth Best Article Award

Deadline: APRIL 1, 2015

The award may be given annually to the outstanding article written by member(s) of the international immigration section published during the preceding two years (2014 or 2013). Papers must be nominated by a member of the International Migration Section, including self-nominations. Nominations will be evaluated by the Best Article Award committee. A nomination letter, abstract, and electronic version of the article should be sent to each committee member by April 1, 2015.

Chair: Hana Brown (

Fernando Riosmena (
Emily Ryo (