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2010 Annual Meeting
Regional Spotlight Tours

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One of the best ways to see the Atlanta area through sociological lenses is to take advantage of one or more of this year's local tours.  Reservations are mandatory. Those who preregister for a tour will receive the tour tickets in their program packet.  Every effort has been made to ensure the tours are accessible to those with disabilities.  Participants on "walking tours" who might require assistance may opt to use a motorized scooter provided by the ASA. All fees go toward tour handling, entrance fees (if any), and group transportation costs.  Attendees are advised to arrive promptly in the departure area; there are no refunds for missing group departures coordinated by tour leaders. Tour fees are non-refundable.


2010 Regional Spotlight Tour Roster




Tour 01. Atlanta Beltline Tour

Sat, Aug 14 - 8:30am - 12:00pm

Tour Departure Area, Lower Level, Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Tour Description: The BeltLine is one of the most comprehensive economic development efforts ever undertaken in the City of Atlanta and the largest, most wide-ranging urban redevelopment project currently underway in the U.S.  When complete, the BeltLine will combine greenspace, trails, transit, and new development along 22 miles of historic rail segments that encircle the urban core.  Over the past 20 years, metro Atlanta’s growth has occurred in widely spread and disconnected pockets of development which have strained the region’s quality of life and economic growth. By attracting and organizing some of the region’s future growth around parks, transit, and trails, the BeltLine aims to change the pattern of regional sprawl in the coming decades.  Climb aboard the BeltLine tour bus and sit back to learn about the BeltLine concept and history; to hear details and updates regarding project planning, implementation and development; and to witness first hand the transformative effect the project may have on BeltLine neighborhoods and the City of Atlanta.  The BeltLine tour includes a brief rest stop in West End and provides the only public access to Bellwood Quarry, the future site of Westside Reservoir and Park. Visit Atlanta Beltine Website here.

Tour Leader: Lesley Williams Reid,  Georgia State University

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 West End Neighborhood

Tour 02. Historic West End Neighborhood Walking Tour

Sat, Aug 14 - 2:30pm - 5:00pm

Tour Departure Area, Lower Level, Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Tour Description: Atlanta’s historic West End neighborhood sits approximately 2.3 miles southwest of downtown and was once considered the “center of black consciousness” in the area.  The neighborhood predates Terminus (Atlanta’s precursor), transitioned from white to black in the 1960s, and in recent years has experienced some black gentrification.  The economic and housing crisis has brought problems, including being ravaged by mortgage fraud (the zip code in which it sits has consistently been on the list of the top ten zip codes in the nation adversely impacted by mortgage fraud).  But the West End refuses to die; it is a quintessential Phoenix rising.  Tour the area and see why.  Its assets include proximity to downtown and important historic, social, and cultural institutions.  West End also possesses economic, racial, and religious diversity and beautiful old housing stock. We will travel via MARTA train and go on a walking tour of the neighborhood.   Before heading back, we will stop for refreshments at the Grounds Coffeehouse, so bring a few dollars and enjoy a coffee drink, chai tea, or sweet treat, including several vegan offerings.  Join us on a tour of this vibrant community.  All transportation and locations are handicap accessible.  We will be walking approximately two miles.

Tour Leader: Barbara Harris Combs, Georgia State University

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Tour 03. The Carter Center Presidential Museum Tour

Sun, Aug 15 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Tour Departure Area, Lower Level, Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Tour Description: Housed at the Carter Center, the Presidential Museum is administered by the National Archives and Records Administration and is part of the Presidential Library.  The museum has recently undergone a major renovation, re-opening in October of 2009.  In a self-directed tour, you will find photographs and memorabilia from significant personal and political events in President Carter’s life including his Nobel Peace Prize, a full-size replica of the Oval Office during the Carter administration, and an array of priceless gifts given to the President and his wife, First Lady Rosalynn Carter.  This new state-of-the-art facility includes a section devoted to President Carter’s post-presidency work on peace, health, and developing nations.  The museum also features an exhibit titled “A Day in the Life of the President” which simulates the experience of being the President for a day.  A Japanese garden and koi pond make these beautiful grounds worth strolling.  The museum is fully accessible for those with physical disabilities (ramps, wheelchairs available on request).

Tour Leader: Elizabeth Griffiths, Emory University

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Tour 04. Public Housing Transformation in Altanta: A Guided Tour

Mon, Aug 16 - 9:30am - 12:00pm

Tour Departure Area, Lower Level, Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Tour Description: Since the announcement in the early 1990s that Atlanta would be the site for the 1996 Olympics there has been unprecedented downtown redevelopment. This has included the demolition of 12 project-based public housing communities (with 9 more slated) and the development of 10 nationally award-winning mixed-income complexes. Atlanta has been at the forefront of such initiatives, receiving numerous awards and becoming a model for many cities around the country. But such initiatives have also raised numerous questions and concerns on both the local and federal level, particularly concerning the fate of the former public housing residents. This guided bus tour takes participants to two of redeveloped mixed-income sites as well as to Herndon Homes, a traditional project-based public housing community scheduled for demolition. The last part of the tour will take participants to several of the neighborhoods where former public housing residents have relocated to (with the assistance of a Housing Choice Voucher). The objective of the tour is to provide various academic and communities perspectives on public housing transformation in Atlanta. Participants will come away thinking about what implications the “Atlanta Model” may have for other cities.

Tour Leaders: Michael Rich,  Emory University; Dwanda Farmer,  Atlanta Regional Commission Liaison

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  Atlanta Harm Reduction Center Banner

Cars on Road

People in the Street 

Tour 05. Atlanta Harm Reduction Center (AHRC) Guided Tour

Mon, Aug 16 - 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Tour Departure Area, Lower Level, Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Tour Description: AHRC is a community-based prevention and wellness organization committed to improving the overall health and wellbeing of marginalized individuals and communities.  AHRC provides education and tiered risk reduction programs through partnerships to empower adults in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of substance use, HIV/AIDS, STDs, hepatitis, and other communicable diseases.  After a guided educational tour of the AHRC facilities, the attendees will continue on a bus tour of the English Avenue neighborhood served by AHRC. The community made national news last year with the shooting of 92-year-old Katherine Johnston by local police, and her house will be viewed on the tour.  The tour will end with an outreach activity conducted in the community.  AHRC staff will accompany attendees as they visit the tables stocked with risk reduction materials, and talk with the volunteers and staff whom provide educational outreach in the community.  The tour sites are accessible for those with physical disabilities. Visit the Atlanta Harm Reduction Center (AHRC) Website here.

Tour Leader: Miriam W. Boeri, Kennesaw State University

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