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Recent Selected Articles

2016 Presidential Address: Sometimes the Social Becomes Personal: Gender, Class, and Sexualities (American Sociological Review, February 2016)

Review Essays (Contemporary Sociology, January 2016)

Understanding Educational Policy Formation: The Case of School Violence Polices in Israel (Sociology of Education, January 2016)

How the Legacy of Slavery and Racial Composition Shape Public School Enrollment in the American South (Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, January 2016)

Discrimination against Queer Women in the U.S. Workforce: A Resume Audit Study (Socius January 2016)

2015 Hans O. Mauksch Address: How Departments Can Respond to the Changing Popularity of the Sociology Major  (Teaching Sociology, January 2016)

Deconcentration without Integration: Examining the Social Outcomes of Housing Choice Voucher Movement in Los Angeles County (City & Community, December 2015)

Adolescent Survival Expectations: Variations by Race, Ethnicity and Nativity (Journal of Health and Social Behavior, December 2015)

Not a Snowball's Chance for Science (Contexts, Fall 2015)

Using Identity Processes to Understand Persistent Inequality in Parenting (Social Psychology Quarterly, December 2015)

Community Sense: The Cohesive Power of Aesthetic Judgment (Sociological Theory, December 2015)

Agency and Mental Health: A Transition to Adulthood Paradox (Society and Mental Health, November 2015)

Beyond Text: Using Arrays to Represent and Analyze Ethnographic Data (Sociological Methodology, August 2015)