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Recent Selected Articles

A Paper Ceiling: Explaining the Persistent Underrepresentation of Women in Printed News (American Sociological Review, October 2015)

Fake it' Til You Make It:  Why Community College Students Aspirations "Hold Steady" (Sociology of Education, October 2015)

Teaching "Real Utopias" through Experiential Learning (Teaching Sociology, October 2015)

What Is Racial Residential Integration? A Research Synthesis, 1950-2013 (Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, October 2015)

Beyond Text: Using Arrays to Represent and Analyze Ethnographic Data (Sociological Methodology, August 2015)

Critical-Retrospective and Review Essays (Contemporary Sociology, September 2015)

The Effect of Medical Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on Foster Care Caseloads: Evidence from Danish Registry Data (Journal of Health and Social Behavior, September 2015)

The Onset of Ethnic War: A General Theory (Sociological Theory, September 2015)

Working the Boardwalk: Trust in a Public Marketplace (Social Psychology Quarterly, September 2015)

Bathroom Battlegrounds and Penis Panics (Contexts, Summer 2015)
Variation in the Protective Effect of Higher Education against Depression (Society and Mental Health, July 2015)
“I Have More in Common with Americans Than I Do with Illegal Aliens”: Culture, Perceived Threat, and Neighborhood Preferences (Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, July 2015)

The Effect of Peer Review on Student Learning Outcomes in a Research Methods Course (Teaching Sociology, July 2015)

Special Symposium on Detroit: Editorial, Introduction, and The Bankruptcy of Detroit: What Role Did Race Play? (City & Community, June 2015)