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 January 2010 (Volume 38, Number 1)
  • Alice Rossi (1922-2009): Feminist Scholar and an Ardent Activist (Naomi Gerstel and Michael Lewis)
  • 2010 Annual Meeting: Why Atlanta?
  • ASA Recognizes 2009's 76 MFP Leadership Campaign Contributors
  • Vantage Point: ASA's Electronic Persona: Expanding Interactive Communications in Sociology
  • Candidates for 2010 ASA Election
  • Science Policy
  • ASA Night at the Aquarium
  • Notable Dining
  • Council Highlights
  • Reflections on Alice Rossi
  • Stanford Sociology Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Its Renewal (W. Richard Scott)
  • Apply for the Sorokin Lecture Series
  • Clickstream Mapping of Scientific Activity - Opportunity and Caution (Donald Janelle and Michael Goodchild)
  • New ASA Staff: Valerie Jiggetts and Michele Muller
  • Travel grants for ISA Meeting
  • NSF Data Finds an Increase in Sociology PhDs
  • Emeritus Profile: Archibald Haller
  • ASA Forum
  • Announcements
  • Deaths: Leonard Broom, Burton R. Clark, Claude Levi-Strauss, Valerie Oppenheimer, Neil Meredith Palmer, Charles L. Robbins, and Joseph Bernard Tamney
  • Obituaries: Leonard Broom, A. Paul Hare, Valerie Oppenheimer, Samuel Franklin Sampson, and Joe Tamney
  • Sydney S. Spivack Program in Applied Social Research and Social Policy
  • ASA Honors Program 2010 Call for Nominations
  • ESS Changes Meeting Site in Face of Labor Concerns
  • 2010 ASA Student Forum Advisory Board Call for Nominations
  • Top

     February 2010 (Volume 38, Number 2)
  • State Department Acts on Academic Freedom Issue Pursued by ASA
  • Sociologist Sullivan Chosen as First Female UVA President
  • Atlanta: Birthplace of American Sociology (Earl Wright II)
  • Vantage Point: ASA Celebrates State Department Accountability
  • Science Policy
  • "Bandits Going Wild in Haiti" and Other Post-Quake Myths (Tanya Golash-Boza)
  • Exploring Atlanta's Neighborhoods
  • What's New at the Rural Sociological Society? (Ralph B. Brown, Willis Goudy, Kenneth Pigg, Joachim Singlemann)
  • The Measure of America: Introducing the American Human Development Project (Kristen Lewis, Sarah Burd-Sharps, & Patrick Guyer)
  • Doing Forensic/Litigation Sociology (Stephen J. Morewitz)
  • ASA Awards Grants for the Advancement of Sociology
  • A Sociological Influence in Dora the Explorer
  • Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline
  • Emeritus Profile: Lloyd H. Rogler, More Than 50 Years a Member of ASA
  • Call for Nominations: 2010 Section Awards
  • ASA Forum
  • Travel Grants for ISA Meeting
  • Thank You, ASA Members!
  • Announcements
  • Deaths: Gladys K. Bowles, William M. Evan, John Irwin, Joseph Kahl, Thomas Lasswell, Earl Rubington, Margaret "Margie" Zamudio
  • Obituaries: James A. Inciardi, Harold W. Pfautz
  • Funding: 2010 Student Forum Travel Awards
  • Top

     March 2010 (Volume 38, Number 3)

  • Council Adopts New Diversity Statement and Recommendations from GBLT Status Committee
  • SWS Votes Significant Gift to MFP Leadership Campaign
  • Sociological Lens Is Applied to Global Climate Change
  • Vantage Point: Social Science Speaks, "NIH Listens" and Acts
  • Engaged Scholarship and Service Learning Initiatives at Metro-Atlanta Universities (Elizabeth Griffiths)
  • Science Policy
  • Networking Opportunities at the ASA Annual Meeting
  • Recipients of 2010 ASA Awards
  • Candidates for the ASA Offices in 2010
  • 2010 ASA Annual Meeting Film Screening
  • Task Force Issues Recommendations on Sociology and Criminology Programs (Dennis MacDonald)
  • The Digital Library Gets a Name!
  • New ASA Journal Editors
  • ASA Seeks Volunteers for New Task Force on Climate Change
  • Opportunities for Sociology Students in Undergraduate Research Journals
  • Announcements
  • Deaths: Lucie Cheng, Harriette Pipes McAdoo, Earl Rubington
  • Obituaies: James P. Jana, Joseph A. Kahl, Earl Rubington, Margaret (Margie) Zamundio
  • 2010 Student Forum Travel Awards












     April 2010 (Volume 38, Number 4)

  • Citizenship in Action: Vine CIty and English Avenue Harm Reduction (Miriam Boeri and Jeff McDowell)
  • ASA and AAAS: Improving Human Rights Through Science
  • The Right's Attack on Frances Fox Piven (Peter Drier)
  • Vantage Point: Historic Health Reform Legislation Enhances the Role of Social Science Research in Improving Americans' Health
  • Child Care at the Annual Meeting
  • Science Policy
  • California State University Launches New Center on Indigeneous People (James Fenelon)
  • ASA's Howery Teaching Enhancement Grant Supports Three New Projects
  • Enjoy the Annual Meeting Benefit Receptions!
  • International Perspectives: Sociology in Germany: The Social Science Research Center Berlin
  • Sociologists Elected as AAAS Fellows
  • ASA Research in the Blogosphere
  • ASA Forum: Sociologists Needed to Study Terrorism, Problems at the University of Kurdistan
  • Announcements
  • Obituaries: William M. Evan, Harriette Pipes McAdoo, Roland L. Warren, J. Alan Winter
  • Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline

    May/June 2010 (Volume 38, Number 5)

  • ASA Set to Launch First-of-Its-Kind Teaching Tool
  • The Past amd Present of Immigration in Atlanta (Robert M. Adelman and Charles Jaret)
  • Debra Umberson to Edit the Journal of Health and Social Behavior (Michael Hughes)
  • Vantage Point: A Cutting-Edge Tool for Facilitating and Diffusing Innovative Teaching in Sociology
  • Sociology Research on Trust in Relationships Featured on Capitol Hill
  • Science Policy
  • University of Tennessee Launches Center for the Study of Social Justice (Stephanie A. Bohon)
  • Publish Globally and Perish Locally: Rating System in the Elite Universities in the Arab East (Sari Hanafi)
  • Four Sociologists Elected to the National Academies
  • Sociologists Elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
  • Severyn Bruyn: Putting Research on the Social Economy Into Action
  • ASA 2010 Annual Meeting Insert
  • ASA Executive Office Welcomes New Staff: Dalton, Fowler, Mayorova
  • ASA Awards Grants for the Advancement of Sociology
  • Spivack Committee Awards Four CARI Grants
  • 2009 National Science Foundation Sociology Program Awards
  • ASA Forum
  • Announcements
  • Deaths: Richard Patrick Coleman, David J. Kallen, Richard A. Peterson
  • Obituaries: Lucie Cheng

    July/August 2010 (Volume 38, Number 6)

  • Results of 2010 Election Are In
  • Social Psychology Quarterly Moves to Emory (Linda D. Molm and Lynn Smith-Lovin)
  • Response to Marquette University
  • Vantage Point: Council's Condemnation of Two New Arizona Laws
  • Science Policy
  • Sociologist Plays Key Role in Academy's Climate Change Report
  • Sociologist-led Teams Receive NIH Grants to Address Cancer Disparities
  • The Origins and Development of Sociology in Ireland (Brian Conway)
  • Annual Meeting Premiers The Atlanta Way: A Documentary on Gentrification (Deirdre A. Oakley)
  • New Website for Teaching Introductory Sociology (CAroline Hodges Persell)
  • Sociology Welcomes a New Doctoral Program at Rice
  • Social Scientists Offer a Multifaceted Picture of Poverty's Consequences
  • Sociologist Receives 2010Guggenheim Fellowship
  • NCHS Celebrates its 50th Anniversary (Virginia S. Cain)
  • Introducing Minority Fellowship Program Cohort 37
  • Council Highlights
  • Announcements
  • Deaths: David E. Apter, James R. Beniger, Elise Boulding, Art M. Grubert, Glen Nygreen
  • Obituaries: James R. Beniger, Alfred C. Clarke, David Kallen, Nathan Keyfitz

    September/October 2010 (Volume 38, Number 7)

  • Randall Collins: A Smart and Influential Theorist
  • Sociologists Explore Citizenship As Annual Meeting Returns to Atlanta
  • Sociology on the Move in Gothenburg (Margaret Abraham)
  • Vantage Point: The Climate Is More than Right for Sociology
  • Science Policy
  • Think Ahead to 2012!
  • 2012 Annual Meeting Theme: Real Utopias: Emancipatory Projects, Institutional Designs, Possible Futures
  • ASA Travel Grants to ISA World Congress Are Awarded
  • ACLS Fellowships: Opportunities for Sociologists (Joyce Lee and Steven Wheatley)
  • Sociology on the National Mall
  • ASA Awards First Cohort of Postdoctoral Fellowships at Six Universities
  • Tracking Master's Students through Programs and into Careers
  • A Manual on Launching Majors into Satisfying Careers
  • 2010-2011 Regional and Aligned Sociology Associations Meetings
  • Applications Invited for ASA Editorships
  • Announcements
  • Deaths: Lynn Mulkey, Dorothy Newman, Glen T. Nygreen, Joseph B. Perry, Jana Pershing, Philip Selznick, Mary E. Weber Goss, Paul R. Wozniak
  • Obituaries: Marshall Barron Clinard, Mary E. Weber Goss, Philip Selznick, Steven Vago

    November 2010 (Volume 38, Number 8)

  • SAGE to Publish Contexts Magazine in 2011
  • A Festival for Science Enthusiasta: Young, Old, and Historical
  • Rankings of More than 5,000 U.S. Doctoral Programs Was Released to Much Doscussion
  • Vantage Point: Sociological Careers - Can Graduate Training Meet the Challenge?
  • Science Policy
  • Rondini Heads to Capitol Hill as ASA's Congressional Fellow
  • MFP Leadership Campaign Makes Year-End Push to Reach $500,000 5-Year Pledge Goal
  • Glassner Named the 24th Lewis & Clark President
  • Longtime PSA Executive Director Dean Dorn to Step Down after 17 Years
  • Society and Mental Health Jounal Forthcoming in 2011
  • The Faculty Pay Gap Between Private and Public Institutions
  • ASA Seeks Volunteers for New Task Force on Post-Doctorates in Sociology
  • ASA Committee on Professional Ethics: Helping Members Address Ethical Situations (Thomas L. Van Valey)
  • Jonathan Turner Receives Highest Honors from UC Regents (Jan E. Stets)
  • Council Highlights
  • The Pursuit of Scholarship, Innovation, and Transparency (Christine Williams)
  • Call for ASA Award Nominations
  • Major ASA Award Recipients Honored in Atlanta
  • Announcements
  • Deaths: Clifton Dow Bryant, Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt, Larry Dale, Alex Inkeles, Thomas Lasswell, Randolph Quick, David Sciulli
  • Obituaries: Thomas Ely Lasswell, Lynn Michelle Mulkey, Tam Tran


    December 2010 (Volume 38, Number 9)

  • New Department of Education Rules Raise Questions about "Quality" in Higher Ed
  • ASA to Move 2011 Annual Meeting from Chicago
  • The Social and Behavioral Sciences Look to the Future at COSSA Annual Meeting
  • Candidates for 2011 ASA Election
  • Vantage Point: Sciences in the New Congress
  • Science Policy
  • The Necessity and Insufficiency of Policy-Based Responses: "Bullying" and Anti-Gay Bigotry
  • How to ... Access your online ASA Journals
  • Election Recap: What It Means for the Social Sciences
  • 2011 Annual Meeting Space for Other Activities
  • Contemporary Ukrainian Sociology: Difficulties of Self-preservation
  • Submit Ideas for the Imternational Perspectives Column
  • Nominations Sought for 2011 Section Awards
  • Interested in Having a Major ASA Award Winner Speak at Your COnference? Apply for the Sorokin Lecture Series
  • Emerging Ethical and Academic Issues in the Teaching of Online Sociology Courses
  • ASA Awards Grants for the Advancement of Sociology
  • 2011 MFP Call for Applications
  • Congratulations to the 2010 ASA Section Award Winners!
  • Announcements
  • Deaths: Sarah Marie Hall
  • Obituaries: Marvin Bressler, Hank Frundt, Alex Inkeles, Normas B. Ryder, Franz Schurmann, Gresham M. Sykes