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Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

at Harvard University

The Department of Sociology and the NSF-supported Multidisciplinary Program in Social Policy and Inequality provide ideal venues for hosting post-doctoral fellows studying the current recession and its social and economic consequences. The study of inequality and stratification are core research interests of Harvard Sociology. While housed in the sociology department, Postdoctoral Fellows would be in close contact with Harvard faculty who made landmark contributions to the study of urban inequality (William Julius Wilson), education and mobility (Christopher Jencks), social inequalities in crime and criminal justice (Robert Sampson), social and economic inequalities between families (Kathryn Edin), and migration (Mary Waters).

In addition to the departmental colloquium series, Harvard Sociology also hosts a workshop in economic sociology, which fellows could attend and present new work. Here, Postdoctoral Fellows would find a stimulating intellectual context that would both place them close to a variety of cutting-edge research projects and help fellows build connections within the broader research community. In short, the Postdoctoral Fellows would find the Department of Sociology at Harvard an extraordinary environment for their research and a significant opportunity for professional development. The Department will also offer space to the Postdoctoral Fellows, provide the appropriate accreditation for library privileges, computer access etc., necessary to fulfilling the research aims of the project.

In addition to the Department of Sociology, the Multidisciplinary Program in Social Policy and Inequality draws together faculty and graduate students from an array of disciplinary backgrounds including sociology, political science, economics, and policy analysis. Scholars from all these fields share a focus on research questions related to poverty and public policy. The Social Policy and Inequality Program is home to the Collaboration on Poverty Research (CPR) with Stanford University- a unique collaborative research efforts that features a task force on the social and economic dimensions of the recession. While at Harvard, the Postdoctoral Fellows would be closely involved in the activities of the program, including the CPR, the weekly seminar series on inequality, and special events organized around faculty publications, and presentations from visiting scholars. While the substantive themes of postdoctoral research will be close the research interests of faculty in the Inequality Program, the Program will also introduce Postdoctoral Fellows to a public policy perspective that ask how social research on the problems of poverty and inequality might be applied in a practical way in the development and evaluation of public policy programs.

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