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Section on Sociology of the Body and Embodiment

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the section on sociology of the body and embodiment is to encourage and enhance theory, research, teaching, and other professional aspects in the study of sociology and body/embodiment. This section seeks to promote communication, collaboration, and consultation among scholars in the interdisciplinary study of the body and embodiment, as well as with other sections of the ASA. The aim of the Section on the Sociology of the Body and Embodiment is to support and encourage sociological scholarship on a wide range of embodied dynamics including human and non-human bodies, morphology, human reproduction, anatomy, body fluids, biotechnology, genetics; but also theories of embodiment, virtual bodies, productivity of bodies, changing bodies, life course and the body, body and spirit/soul, unequal bodies, micro and macro sociological analysis of the political, and social and individual bodies.


Section Officers 2013 - 2014

Chair: Abigail C. Saguy, University of California-Los Angeles
Chair-Elect: Sharon Preves, Hamline University
Treasurer: Carla A. Pfeffer, Purdue University-North Central


Samantha Kwan, University of Houston ('14)
Rebecca F. Plante, Ithaca University ('14)
Kristen Barber, Southern Illinois University ('15)
Mary Nell Trautner, University at Buffalo, SUNY ('15)
Joanna Kempner, Rutgers University ('16)
Kate Mason, Miami University ('16)

Student Representative: Melissa MacDonald, University of California-Santa Barbara ('14)