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Committee on Publications
December 12, 2009, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Liaison Capitol Hill, 415 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington, DC


Executive Sessions:                      8:30-9:00 a.m., 2:00-5:30 p.m.
Open Session with Editors:           9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
  1. Approval of the Agenda       
  2. Report of the Chair (Williams)       
  3. Report of the Executive Officer (Hillsman)       
  4. Report of the Secretary (Tomaskovic-Devey)
  5. New Journals Publisher: Update/Questions (Eric Moran, Sage)
    a. Conflict of Interest Statement
  6. Review of Editor Candidates
    a. Journal of Health and Social Behavior
    b. Social Psychology Quarterly
  7. Guidelines for the Review Process (Fligstein)
  8. Graduate Students as Reviewers (Martin)
  9. Update on Contexts
  10. Request for Additional Pages for Sociological Theory Transition Backlog (Gross)
  11. Proposal on Retaining Responsibility for Rose Volumes After Editorial Term (Levy)
  12. Request for Color Photograph for December 2010 SPQ Cover (Fine)
  13. Restricting/Standardizing the Size of ASA Editorial Boards
  14. Section Journal Guidelines: Revisiting the Membership Size Limitation
  15. Review of Editorial Board Nominations
  16. New Business


Discussions/Actions from the December 12, 2009
Meeting of the ASA Committee on Publications

Elected members present were Neil Fligstein, Jeremy Freese, Evelyn Nanako Glenn (ASA President), Patricia Yancey Martin, Cecilia Ridgeway, Donald Tomaskovic-Devey (ASA Secretary), Christine Williams (Chair), Howard Winant, and Robert Zussman.

Editors present for the open session were David Bills, Gary Alan Fine, Neil Gross, Larry Isaac, Daniel Levy, Tim Futig Liao, Kathleen Lowney, Eliza Pavalko, and Chris Uggen.

Present from the Executive Office were Sally T. Hillsman (Executive Officer), Karen Gray Edwards (Director of Publications and Membership), and Janine Chiappa McKenna (Journals and Publications Manager).

A representative from Sage Publications, Eric Moran, was also present.

The Committee voted to:
• Send recommendations to Council for new editors of Journal of Health and Social Behavior and Social Psychology Quarterly.
• Invite editor of Contemporary Sociology to renew for up to an additional three years.
• Decline a proposal from Sage Publications to include a conflict of interest statement in each published article
• Recommend to Council an additional 50 pages in 2010 to ease Sociological Theory’s transitional backlog.
• Approve editorial board nominations for American Sociological Review and Contemporary Sociology.

Editorial Nominees. The Committee reviewed the applications for the editorships of Journal of Health and Social Behavior and Social Psychology Quarterly and made ranked recommendations to send to Council. Council subsequently appointed the following new editors:
• Journal of Health and Social Behavior: Debra Umberson (University of Texas-Austin)
• Social Psychology Quarterly: Karen Hegtvedt and Cathryn Johnson (Emory University)

Editorial Extensions. The current Contemporary Sociology editor will be invited to extend for an additional three years.

Conflict of Interest Statement. Sage proposed adding a conflict of interest statement at the end of each article, even if there is no conflict. The Committee said the statement should only appear if there is a conflict, as it may cause readers to question why there is a statement saying the authors have no conflict.

Additional Pages for Sociological Theory. The editor of Sociological Theory requested an additional 100 pages for the journal in 2010 to alleviate the transitional backlog. The Committee voted to recommend an additional 50 pages to Council, which Council passed. Council also stated that information on transitional backlogs needed to be included in the Publications Manual and the Letters of Agreement for new editors.

Editorial Office Nominations. American Sociological Review and Contemporary Sociology proposed nominations for new editorial board members.

Sage Transition. ASA’s representative from Sage, Eric Moran, provided details about the recent transition of six ASA journals (American Sociological Review, Contemporary Sociology, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Social Psychology Quarterly, Sociology of Education, and Teaching Sociology) that will be published by Sage beginning with the 2010 volumes. Moran discussed some of the journals’ implementation of SageTrack for peer review and editors were given the opportunity to discuss the transition. Moran also explained Sage’s marketing plans for the journals and noted that at the next meeting of the Committee he would have more detailed information about each journal, as the 2010 volume year had not started yet.

Request for Proposals for Contexts. The current contract for Contexts with the University of California Press ends with the Fall 2010 issue and ASA has issued a request for proposals for publishing partners who can advance the publication and make it more known among non-sociologists.

New Section Journal. The Committee briefly discussed Society and Mental Health, the Mental Health Section’s journal, which will begin publication in 2011 and be published by Sage.