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Former News and Announcements



December 31, 2006
ASA Past-President Seymour Martin Lipset died on December 31, 2006. Watch for an obituary and personal tributes in an upcoming Footnotes newsletter.

The ASA online member database is open for 2007 membership renewal and application.

"Models of Quantitative Literacy Across the Sociology Curriculum," an April 4 pre-conference workshop in Chicago, is open for registration.

ASA members can order books and journals at significant discounts through the new 2007 Coupon Listing.  (Member login required)


November 20, 2006
ASA files amicus brief with First Circuit Appeals Court on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy of U.S. military. (11/20/06)


October 18, 2006
ASA issues official statement on the teaching of science in U.S. public schools and affirms the importance of including evolution. (10/18) 

October 10, 2006
ASA Past-President Peter Rossi and Social Psychology Quarterly Editor Spencer Cahill both died this month. Watch for obituaries in an upcoming Footnotes newsletter. (10/10)

October 9, 2006
ASA member Nicholas Christakis is among 65 elected to Institute of Medicine. (10/9)

October 5, 2006
October 2006 marks the milestone of a 300-million U.S. population, ranking the country third in size in the world. To highlight the research behind this statistic and its implications for the nation and the world, ASA co-sponsored a National Press Club briefing. View webcast. (10/5)


September 28, 2006
Read ASA Past-President Cynthia Epstein's Letter to the Editor commenting on women in science in the September 28 New York Times.

September 27, 2006
Read the content of the September/October Footnotes newsletter. (9/27)

September 25, 2006
Sociologist Cora Marrett will become Assistant Director for Education  & Human Resources at NSF. (9/25)

ASA seeks applications for editorships of Contexts and the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

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September 17, 2006
Iranian scholar Ramin Jahanbegloo is released from prison in September following letters from a concerned academic community including one from ASA (contact ASA Public Affairs for a copy). See report from Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. (9/17)

Notable newsmakers address August 2006 ASA Annual Meeting.


July 25, 2006
More perspectives on the health of American civil society. (7/25)

Research sociologists:  Consider making an impact on U.S. health research by applying to be a grant proposal reviewer.

July 20, 2006
ASA Task Force on General Education issues report. (7/20)

American Library Association seeks input from sociologists on information literacy standards for our students. (September 30, 2006, deadline.)

Sampson and Reskin are elected to the National Academy of Sciences.


June 28, 2006
Contents of the July/August Footnotes newsletter are now online. (6/28)

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June 23, 2006
Celebrating the Progress and Promise of health-related Behavioral and Social Sciences Research on Capitol Hill, June 23. 

June 16, 2006
American Sociological Review article on increased social isolation makes the Washington Post, USA Today, ABC's Good Morning America, CBS News, and the New York Times, to name just a few. The research has been the subject of newspapers, magazines, news radio, and columns nationwide and internationally.

Sociological research shines on Capitol Hill at annual Coalition for National Science Funding Exhibition. At right sociologist Karl Alexander explains research on educational outcomes with NSF Director, Arden Bement [left].


May 22, 2006
Sociologist David Mechanic [right] was the first NIH Matilda Riley Lecturer on May 22.  He poses with NIH Deputy Director Raynard Kington [left] and sociologist OBSSR staff Ron Abeles, after receiving award sculpture.,/p>

See NSF's Dear Colleague letter to the social science community regarding science advisor's call for a new "social science of science policy." July 1 proposal deadline.

Promoting Science Literacy on Capitol Hill Sign a CPR [Coalition to Protect Research] petition by June 19 to help deflect some scientifically uninformed U.S. legislators who may challenge social science during June 7-July 3 appropriations markup and/or floor debate. ASA is a founding member of CPR.

Contents of May/June Footnotes newsletter are now online. 5/22/06

May 19, 2006
Social sciences successfully deflect attack by U.S. Senator . . . scientists across disciplines respond to adverse proposed NSF legislation.5/19/06

May 18, 2006
ASA urges Iranian government to release jailed scholar Ramin Jahanbegloo. 5/18/06

Washington Post science reporter, Shankar Vedantam, and a Senior Editor of Science magazine, Barbara R. Jasny, will present at a special session on "Communicating Social Science to Diverse Public Audiences," at ASA's Annual Meeting. Don't miss it!

Latest research from the American Sociological Review: Religious Orthodoxy and Progressive Economic Reforms; Atheists as America’s Distrusted Minority; and Boys and Adolescent Relationships.

ASA Council appoints new journal editors . . . ASR, SM, and SPQ will have new editors in 2007. See the announcement and new submission addresses.

Hot off the presses! Order your copy of the new 2006 Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology in the ASA bookstore.


March 30, 2006
From the Journal of Health and Social Behavior . . . Your spouse may be making you sick, especially if you're older than 70. See press release, March 30 NBC Today Show and Austin, TX, News8 coverage.

Sociologist Elaine Seymour testifies before House Science Committee on science education.

Journal of Irreproducible Results (the science humor magazine) invites entries for "Funniest Graph" contest. (April 20, 2006, deadline.)

From Contexts magazine . . . Estimates of U.S. population's mental illness incidence may "have been greatly exaggerated." See press release.

From the American Sociological Review . . . The "Widowhood Effect"Whites more likely than blacks to die soon after spouse's death. See press release.

Apply by March 31, 2006, for an ISA Travel Grant . . . [This news item is no longer current, but remains in this list as a record of past news.] ASA travel support to International Sociological Association meeting in Durban, South Africa, July 23-29, is made possible by NSF.

Current or former users of the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP):  Sign a letter by March 15, 2006, to save SIPP—an indispensable source of Census data on poverty and income.  ASA seeks examples of sociological research that would be adversely affected by SIPP's proposed elimination.

New in ASA's Online Bookstore . . . a sale section with savings of up to 50%. Sale items change frequently, so visit the bookstore often!

NSF and AAAS' Science magazine invite applications (by May 31) to the annual Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.

Special issue of Teaching Sociology journal cultivates statistical literacy. Order your copy . . .

Enhanced ASA Job Bank: Job seekers can compile search results into a PDF document, which can be saved and printed. Employers can be invoiced for their ads and pay by mail instead of online.

Discuss Footnotes article on peer review of teaching in the Member Forum, accessible from the Members-only webpage. View other articles in February Footnotes.

Sociologist Teresa Sullivan is selected as Provost of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor [more].

Discuss January Footnotes article on sociology BAs in the Member Forum, accessible from the Members-only webpage. View other articles in January Footnotes.

Nielsen Media Research seeks research proposals to explore audience consumption of media, especially television/video. Purpose is to understand dimensions and dynamics of current patterns, in order to propose optimal measurement. Deadline is February 10; see RFP.

Apply for ASA Funding by February 1: Congressional Fellowship, Community Action Research Initiative grant, and Teaching Enhancement Fund


January 13, 2006
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Women Workers Data Series has been rescued! [1/13]

CDC invites public comments on controlling communicable diseases such as H5N1-induced human influenza. Respond by January 26.

New NIH Institutional Clinical & Translational Science grants available. [Letter of intent due 2/27]

Holiday Blues? Journal of Health and Social Behavior study finds parenthood does not make people happier.

Now online . . . December Footnotes newletter.

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