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March 11, 2009

The Economic Crisis’ Toll: Experts Available to 

Discuss Sociological Factors and Implications

As the economy continues to toll heavily on the minds of the general public and the federal government works to provide relief, sociologists are examining the causes, consequences and long-term implications of the current economic crisis for Americans, corporations and government institutions.

Contact Jackie Cooper, the American Sociological Association’s media relations officer, (, 202-247-9871) for sociological source suggestions related to the economic downturn or reach the following experts directly for interviews:

Investor Behavior, Fraud in Financial Markets, Investment Clubs
Economic sociologist E. Brooke Harrington is author of the “Economic Sociology” blog at and has most recently investigated how individual investors respond to fraud in financial markets. She is author of Pop Finance: Investment Clubs and Stock Market Populism and is an expert on social identity and investor behavior, among other economic topics.
E. Brooke Harrington:

The Middle Class’ Demise
Sociologist Kevin Leicht is co-author of the award-winning book, Postindustrial Peasants: The Illusion of Middle Class Prosperity. Leicht’s interests include the sociology of work, organizations and organization theory, social stratification and political sociology. He is currently studying state economic development programs in the United States.
Kevin Leicht: 319-353-2813 (office),

Corporate Governance & Financing
University of Michigan sociologist Mark S. Mizruchi is currently studying the changing nature of the American corporate elite, the globalization of American banking and corporate financing. He is author of a number of publications on corporate political action, inter-corporate relations and networks and industry consolidation in U.S. banking.
Mark S. Mizruchi: 734-764-7444 (office),

Wealth Inequality, Religion & Wealth, China
Economic sociologist Lisa Keister is author of Wealth in America (2000), Getting Rich (2005), and the forthcoming Faith & Money: How Religious Belief Contributes to Wealth & Poverty. She studies how people save, invest and deal with their debt. She is also an expert on China's economy.
Lisa Keister: 919-660-5624 (office), 

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