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Responsibility of Open Submission Session Organizers

The submission, review, and creation of a session are handled through web based software. To be successful as an Open Submission Session Organizer you will need to be comfortable with an internet browser and must have access to reliable and high speed internet.

To access the Online Organizer Module you will need to log into the ASA Membership and Registration Services webpage. This log-in area will be used to submit papers as well as tracking paper submissions. Please ensure that your contact and membership information is current in ASA database.

For those who have not organized a session within the last 5 years this web based software may seem daunting. Please plan for a learning curve within the first two days of accessing the system for the first time. The following items are procedures you will process through the online organizer module: 

  • View and/or download papers submitted to your session queue/topic.
  • Forward/Release all dual submission papers that do not fit in your session topic. (This action needs to be done in a timely manner so other organizers who are waiting for papers may stay within the set deadlines.)
  • Forward papers to roundtable when applicable.
  • Enter decision and comments to authors on each paper reviewed.
  • Place papers in your session listing. (This involves titling your session and assigning presiders and discussants)
  • Send bulk email to authors about your final decisions (accept or reject)
  • Download contact information for your records.

While you consider this invitation, we ask that you think of the time involved in successfully reviewing and creating a session listing. Paper Sessions Organizers will have about 4 weeks to review, place papers in a session, identify a presider, and notify authors of their final decisions. Below you will find a example of how the 4 week review process is broken up.

Week Review Process
Week 1 Decipher which paper needs immediate release/rejection [to their second choice] and which papers need additional review time.
Week 2 Decide on whether the pool of papers warrants the need to request additional sessions. (Regular Sessions organizers only)
Week 3 Complete the review process and begin placing papers in your session listing
Week 4 Complete the entry of your session listing and notify authors of your decisions.

We established this timeline to ensure the Preliminary Program is completed and posted online during the month of April. ASA’s scheduling process for the Annual Meeting includes resolving schedule conflicts for each participant. The sooner organizers complete their reviews and create session listing, the sooner ASA can begin scheduling the sessions. All organizers must work together to complete the review process as well as create their session listing to ensure the timely release of the Preliminary Program. When an organizer does not begin the review process upon the opening of the Organizer Module, this delays other organizers from completing their reviews on time.

In conclusion, by accepting this invitation, you are agreeing to review, forward, and place papers in your topic’s session in a timely manner. This agreement between ASA and organizers help to ensure the attendees receive the schedule early enough to plan their summer travel at a lower rate. ASA looks forward to working with Open Submission Organizers in making the paper review process a successful experience for everyone.


Questions about Session Organizer roles and responsibilities or the Annual Meeting program in general? Please email ASA Meeting Services ( or call (202) 383-9005 ext. 305, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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