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September/October 2018

Journal of Labor and Society

Journal of Labor and Society (LANDS) invites submissions for a special issue on “Feminism and Labor Struggles.” This special issue aims to promote new ways of looking at gender oppression that advance the cause of global equality and social justice from a feminist anti-imperialist and labor internationalist perspective. LANDS invites research and essays examining: gender and capitalism; feminism and Marxism; women, Imperialism and underdevelopment; female labor in the global economy; violence against women and its solutions; patriarchal ideology in the mass media and academia; gender, class and ‘race’; female participation in labor and revolutionary struggles; feminism and Imperialist War; gender (in)equality and socialist construction; gender privilege and women in the Global North; international comparison of gender issues; sex work, class and female oppression; gender and migration. Deadline for Abstracts: December 1, 2018. All submissions are peer reviewed. Send abstracts or questions directly to the editors via email: or To submit a manuscript, visit To view Notes for Contributors, visit

December 1, 2018