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November/December 2018

Research in the Sociology of Work

Research in the Sociology of Work is edited by Elizabeth Gorman and Steven Vallas. A special issue, “Professional Work: Knowledge, Power, and Inequality” solicits papers that investigate or critically explore the causes, characteristics, and consequences of these changes in professional work. New occupations such as “data scientists” are making claims to professional status, while members of many older professions are forced to market themselves in ever more entrepreneurial ways. Some professionals have become the consiglieres of large corporations, dedicated to facilitating their pursuit of business interests, raising questions about their professional independence. Some professions (such as journalism), have experienced wrenching technological changes that have eroded the autonomy (and the jobs) of many practitioners. Moreover, inequality within professions has grown sharply; in higher education, for example, tenured and tenure-track professors account for a shrinking minority of university faculty. In the face of these and other changes, traditional forms of professional self-regulation have been called into question, with far-reaching consequences for the social order as a whole. Suggested guidelines: Papers should run roughly 10,000-12,000 words, including references, notes, and tables. Papers can develop new theoretical and conceptual frameworks and/or present empirical analyses. Deadline for submission: March 15, 2019. Submissions or questions should be sent electronically to the editors at

March 15, 2019