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November/December 2017

Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research (CPFR)

Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research (CPFR), an annual series which focuses on cutting-edge topics in family research around the globe, is seeking manuscript submissions for its 2018 volume. The 2018 volume of CPFR will focus on the theme “The Work-Family Interface: Spillover, Complications, and Challenges.” As both families and work experiences vary considerably across cultures, and over time, the nature of the work-family interface continues to change. In order to better understand these issues, this multidisciplinary issue of CPFR will address such topics as: parental employment and parenting, paid labor and marital quality, the integration of work-family domains, childcare and child development, dating and mate selection at work, work stress and family violence, health consequences of work-family conflict, relationship roles among dual-earner couples, family determinants of job performance, among others. Manuscripts should represent previously unpublished work. An abstract of 150-200 words should be included at the beginning of each manuscript. All manuscripts will undergo peer review. Deadline: January 31, 2018. Contact: and

January 31, 2018