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2018 Guide to Graduate Departments Submissions

December 20, 2017
ASA Deadlines

2018 Guide to Graduate Departments Submissions
Deadline: December 20, 2017

The 2018 ASA Guide to Graduate Department of Sociology listing website is open. All departments that would like to be a part of the 2018 Guide must submit payment and enter their listing into the system by December 20, 2017.

The ASA Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology is a print reference used by students, academics, and others to obtain information on sociology programs in the United States and around the world. In 2017, 203 graduate departments of sociology listed in the Guide.

The ASA Guide provides a unique opportunity to publicize your department to prospective graduate students and to colleagues in other departments. We are eager to have your department participate this year. The more comprehensive the Guide, the more valuable it is to the discipline. Therefore, we hope your institution will be a part of the 2018 Guide.

To submit payment and enter your listing information, login to with your DEPARTMENT ID and PASSWORD.


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