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City and Community Call for Papers: Special Issue on Community and Crime

September 11, 2017

Guest editor: Rachael A. Woldoff, Professor of Sociology, West Virginia University

Urban and community sociologists have long studied the subject of crime and disorder, but the subject of crime is often viewed as a separate specialization area. In fact, urban sociologists’ insistence that “context matters” is especially relevant to the subject of crime right now. In the past few years, current events and social media coverage of them have drawn much attention to the fact that poor and nonwhite places are disproportionately affected by violence, crime, and disorder, as well as by aggressive, and sometimes, deadly policing practices. This special issue seeks to unite the urban, community, and crime scholars by calling for original papers that either empirically examine or conceptually extend the crucial connections between community and crime.

Some examples of topics that could explicitly link community context and crime include:

  • Police use of excessive force
  • Re-entry of inmates
  • Social capital and crime
  • How residents cope with crime
  • Cultural values or norms regarding crime and disorder
  • Residential mobility and crime
  • Neighborhood preferences and crime
  • Racial/ethnic aspects of community life and crime

All papers will be subject to normal blind review by at least two reviewers. Publication decisions will be made by City and Community editor, Professor Lance Freeman in consultation with Professor Rachael A. Woldoff, the guest editor.

Deadline for submission: January 9, 2018.

Papers submitted to City and Community. To submit the paper, go to the journal’s website ( and follow the regular submission guidelines. Please note in the submission letter that the manuscript is submitted for the planned special issue.

For further information, please contact the guest editor, Rachael A. Woldoff at

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