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ASA News

Federal Statistics Working Group

Council is pleased to announce the formation of this working group.  The charge is broad by design.  The group is asked to proactively and reactively address issues related to the continued collection and use of federal statistics.

ASA News

And the award goes to.... Recipients of 2017 ASA Awards

The ASA presented its nine awards for outstanding scholarship, teaching, and practice at the 2017 ASA Annual Meeting in Montréal. Award recipients are selected by committees appointed by the ASA Council based on recommendations of the Committee on Committees. The diverse group of recipients included five women, three of whom are women of color. Read further for details about the awards and awardees. Click here for photos from the ceremony and scroll down to watch the video of the ceremony. 

ASA News

ASA Task Force on Contingent Faculty Interim Report

The ASA Task Force on Contingent Faculty was appointed to address the changes in faculty employment and working conditions, career prospects for graduate students, and the consequences for higher education that have resulted from the increased reliance on contingent faculty. Contingent faculty, both part-time and full-time non-tenure track, have increased dramatically. By 2011 a majority of faculty were employed part-time.  Contingent faculty are least common at Ph.D.

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