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Jan Marie Fritz Award Statement

Jan Marie Fritz Award Statement

Dr. Jan Marie Fritz is an internationally recognized leader in the development and practice of clinical and applied sociology.Within the academy, she has been tireless in promoting clinical sociology and helping to create training and certification programs for future generations of sociologists. Outside the academy, she has promoted the use of sociological knowledge and skills in presentations and workshops on topics including mediation, conflict resolution, environmental justice and cultural competency.

Central to Fritz’s winning this award are her three decades of diligent and effective work on behalf of expanding possibilities for the practice of sociology outside the academy.She is a founder and past president of the Clinical Sociology Association (later the Sociological Practice Association and now part of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology She was instrumental in writing the by-laws and establishing the well-regarded certification program that she oversaw for many years.

In recent years, Fritz has become active in the development of clinical sociology on the international scene where she has supported and strengthened international networks of clinical sociologists.She was a co-founder and past-president of the Clinical Sociology division of the International Sociological Association (ISA) and has served as a Vice President of the ISA since 2006. Her role has been more than organizational and administrative (although she is highly skilled in both). She is also a skilled teacher who has conducted courses and trainings in mediation and clinical sociology in venues ranging from the U.S. to Australia, South Africa and Venezuela, among others.Her research and publications have been translated into several different languages.

Fritzpractice of sociology, she has also consulted and provided mediation and conflict resolution services to organizations such as the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and US Postal Service, environmental justice organizations, state departments of education, and a range of community organizations. She has conducted detailed reviews of the National Action Plans of 11 countries for the United Nations program for dealing with the consequences of violent conflicts for women and children.

We recognize Jan Marie Fritz for these numerous and influential contributions with the 2010 American Sociological Association Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology.