American Sociological Association

Middle Start: An Experiment in the Educational Enrichment of Young Adolescents

June 1, 1977
Yinger, J. Milton
Ikeda, Kiyoshi
Laycock, Frank
Cutler, Stephen J.

by J. Milton Yinger, Kiyoshi Ikeda, Frank Laycock, and Stephen J. Cutler, Interested in both the structure of opportunity and the processes of socialization, the authors asked if an imaginative program to help educate and stimulate thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds could eliminate or reduce educational deficits resulting from economic deprivation and the community. In order to find this answer, the authors designed a field experiment in which they recognized the need for varied forms of intervention and for controlled observation, and analyzed its impact over a seven-year period. While the authors report in the role or research workers, it is clear that they have a strong interest in the program. 134 pages, 1977.

Cambridge University Press