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Member Testimonials

Theodore C. Wagenaar

Miami University (OH)

"My four decades of ASA membership has been a tremendous benefit professionally and personally. I have kept at the forefront of the discipline by being involved in committees and annual meetings and through using ASA resources. I have encountered many members who have contributed to my professional development. ASA's commitment to improving teaching and learning has been a special contribution to my life as a teacher and sociologist."

Natalie Delia Deckard
Graduate Studentportrait of Natalie Deckard
Emory University

Belonging to the ASA has made it possible for me to participate in the larger world of professional sociology. As a graduate student, taking part in the ASA sections that pertain to my research has allowed me to meet many of the scholars that I cite every day. The ASA has been a wonderful organization for my career and I recommend every future sociologist join."

Diane Pike
Augsburg Collegeportrait of Diane Pike

" As a scholarly teacher at a small college, my professional life has advanced and been enriched by my career long membership and involvement in ASA. The opportunities to learn, serve the discipline and connect with other sociologists have strengthened my skills, my love of sociology, and resulted in valued friendships."


Earl Babbie
Retired Sociologistportrait of Earl Babbie

"I have belonged to ASA for over 40 years now, and it has been the foundation for my profession as a sociologist, just as my college and graduate school provided the foundation for my training in sociology as an intellectual discipline. ASA has introduced me to hundreds of other sociologists and has provided my continuing education in the field."


Juliet Mallari
University of The Philippinesportrait of Juliet Mallari

"Comparative literature is my field, but I've always been interested in sociology because its very nature is deeply rooted in actual people's situations, which makes the sociological approach to literature a most meaningful one. I appreciate very much my affiliation with ASA as I am given the opportunity to interact with sociologists in addition to hearing their paper presentations. For several years now, my attendance at ASA annual conferences has benefited me, especially because I enjoy the discounted membership fees for academics/scholars from developing countries like the Philippines."

Patricia White
National Science Foundationportrait of Patricia White

"My membership in ASA has been an invaluable part of my professional life connecting me with sociologists both domestically and internationally, as well as keeping me informed of major research and policy developments. I just could not do my job without being a member of ASA!"

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