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Department Sponsored Student Memberships

The identity shift from student to sociologist is an integral part of students' professional development.  To assist in this process, the ASA collaborates with departments to help students join ASA for the first time.  

With a minimum of five first-time student members "bundled" by your department, ASA will send each new student member a canvas tote bag with the ASA logo ($10 value). Departments are asked to subsidize what they can (in this past, this has ranged from a $5 departmental contribution to a full-subsidy of the cost of student membership), and students pay the remainder.  Students should complete an application and attach a check for their portion of the dues. The department should cut one check for the department’s contribution for the number of students responding. Student membership is only $50 and includes one ASA journal of choice. Free tote bag offer applies to new student members only. Membership is for the 2017 calendar year.

Bundle all the forms and checks into one envelope and mail to:

Craig Schaar
ASA Membership Manager
1430 K Street NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005

Include a note stating that this is a department package. The forms and checks must come in together. Shortly after receipt of your student applications, ASA will ship a complimentary tote bag to each new member included in your package of applications.

To request printed application forms, e-mail

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