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American Sociological Review

Volume 65, Number 1
February 2000

Looking Forward, Looking Back: Continuity and Change at the Turn of the Millennium

Edited by Charles Camic & Franklin D. Wilson.

Cover and Table of Contents

Notice to Contributors

Editors Comment

Introduction to the ASR Millennial Issue

Presidential Address


Modernization, Cultural Change, and the Persistence of Traditional Values
Ronald Inglehart and Wayne E. Baker

The Web of Group Affiliations Revisited: Social Life, Postmodernism, and Sociology
Bernice A. Pescosolido and Beth A. Rubin

Trade Globalization Since 1795: Waves of Integration in the World-System
Christopher Chase-Dunn, Yukio Kawano, and Benjamin D. Brewer

The Nation-State and the Natural Environment over the Twentieth Century
David John Frank, Ann Hironaka, and Evan Schofer

World Society, the Nation-State, and Environmental Protection: Comment on Frank, Hironaka, and Schofer
Frederick H. Buttel

Environmentalism as a Global Institution: Reply to Buttel
David John Frank, Ann Hironaka, and Evan Schofer

Lost in the Storm: The Sociology of the Black Working Class, 1850 to 1990
Hayward Derrick Horton, Beverlyn Lundy Allen, Cedric Herring, and Melvin E. Thomas