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Social Causes of Violence: Crafting a Science Agenda

Social Causes of Violence: Crafting a Science Agenda is intended as a guide and resource for those interested in producing knowledge that can answer the basic question: What causes violence in society? No topic better deserves the attention of the scientific community and of policymakers involved in setting research funding priorities. Whenever society confronts vexing issues with far reaching consequences for individuals and social institutions, calls for more research are not uncommon. Yet there is often a gap between acknowledging a need for research and making a long-term commitment to generating fundamental knowledge. ~Preface

   Social Causes of Violence

Workshop Participants
Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Social Demography of Violence
Chapter 3: The Community as Social Context
Chapter 4: Core Social Institutions
Chapter 5: Social Groups
Chapter 6: Social Contingencies
Chapter 7: Social Response to Violence
Chapter 8: Social Conflicts and Disputes
Chapter 9: Crafting Science Policy
Chapter 10: Conclusion

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