American Sociological Association

Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

2017 Member-Get-A-Member Form

The American Sociological Association challenges ASA members to encourage their colleagues, students, and others interested in the discipline of sociology to join ASA for 2017. Each current member who sponsors a new member is eligible for special recognition, prizes, and discounts on member dues.

In our 2016 campaign, 75 ASA members brought at least one new member into the Association and received discounts on their 2017 dues. For this year's campaign, sponsors are eligible for discounted 2018 membership dues and our grand prize—a $250 gift certificate—as well as other member reward prizes.

Current members are our best source for new members who could benefit from all ASA has to offer.

In return, new members of ASA receive all the substantial benefits of membership, including access to the ASA online Job Bank; free access to the TRAILS online database of teaching materials; deep discounts on ASA books, teaching resources, journals, and Annual Meeting registration; group rates on insurance, rental cars, magazines, and the JSTOR database; access to member-only online content; and much, much more.

You can print the special "Member-Get-A-Member" application form (pdf) and distribute it to potential new members. Or, you can encourage online application. (New members can indicate a sponsor when joining.)

No matter how you choose to participate, you are eligible to receive a reward for every new member you help bring into ASA.

Any current member who successfully sponsors a new member will be listed in a special article of recognition to be published in the September/October issue of Footnotes.

In addition, for every new non-student member you sponsor, you will receive a $10 discount off your 2018 membership dues. (Discount is limited to the amount of membership dues and may not be used for journal subscriptions or section memberships.)

If you sponsor at least any one new member (including new student members) by July 31, 2017, you will be entered into the grand prize drawing.

The 2017 ASA Member-Get-A-Member campaign ends July 31. Join us as we make this year a record-breaking one!

ASA membership is on a calendar year basis. Offer limited to 2017 members and 2017 new memberships (renewed memberships are not eligible). Grand prize winner will be notified by August 15, 2017.