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Teaching Sociology

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Mission Statement 

Teaching Sociology publishes articles, notes, and reviews intended to be helpful to the discipline's teachers. Articles range from experimental studies of teaching and learning to broad, synthetic essays on pedagogically important issues. Notes focus on specific teaching issues or techniques. The general intent is to share theoretically stimulating and practically useful information and advice with teachers. Formats include full-length articles; notes of 10 pages or less; interviews, review essays; reviews of books, films, videos, and software; and conversations.

Selected Articles

How Our Majors Believe They Learn: Student Learning Strategies in an Undergraduate Theory Course Julie A. Pelton (October 2014)

Does Genomics Challenge the Social Construction of Race? Ann Morning (September 2014) 

Measuring Student Learning in Social Statistics: A Pretest-Posttest Study of Knowledge Gain Michael Delucchi (July 2014)

A Collective Effort to Improve Sociology Students’ Writing Skills Amanda Burgess-Proctor, Graham Cassano, Dennis J. Condron, Heidi A. Lyons, and George Sanders (April 2014)

The Emotional Experience of First-time Teaching: Reflections from Graduate Instructors, 1997–2006 Emily Meanwell and Sibyl Kleiner (January 2014)

Beat the Bourgeoisie: A Social Class Inequality and Mobility Simulation Game Dawn R. Norris (October 2013)

The Chalkboard Versus the Avatar: Comparing the Effectiveness of Online and In-class Courses Kelly Bergstrand and Scott V. Savage (July 2013)

The Impact of Racial Diversity in the Classroom: Activating the Sociological Imagination Josh Packard (April 2013)

Sociologists as Writing Instructors: Teaching Students to Think, Teaching an Emerging Skill, or Both? Suzanne S. Hudd, Lauren M. Sardi, and Maureen T. Lopriore (January 2013)

Can Online Courses Deliver In-class Results? A Comparison of Student Performance and Satisfaction in an Online versus a Face-to-face Introductory Sociology Course by Adam Driscoll, Karl Jicha, Andrea N. Hunt, Lisa Tichavsky, and Gretchen Thompson (October 2012)

Teaching Community Networks: A Case Study of Informal Social Support and Information Sharing among Sociology Graduate Students by Andrea N. Hunt, Christine A. Mair, and Maxine P. Atkinson (July 2012)

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Teaching Sociology: 1973-2009 by Maria Paino, Chastity Blankenship, Liz Grauerholz, and Jeffrey Chin (April 2012)

Sociology by Any Other Name: Teaching the Sociological Perspective in Campus Diversity Programs by Meghan A. Burke and Kira Hudson Banks (January 2012)