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Editors: Richard T. Serpe, Kent State University, and Jan E. Stets, University of California-Riverside
ISSN: 0190-2725
Quarterly: March, June, September, December

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Mission Statement

Social Psychology Quarterly publishes theoretical and empirical papers on the link between the individual and society, including the study of the relations of individuals to one another, as well as to groups, collectivities and institutions. It also includes the study of intra-individual processes insofar as they substantially influence, or are influenced by, social structure and process. This journal is genuinely interdisciplinary and publishes work by both sociologists and psychologists.

Selected Articles

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Reciprocity, Negotiation, and the Choice of Structurally Disadvantaged Actors to Remain in Networks  Scott V. Savage and Zachary L. Sommer (June 2016)

The Age-Graded Nature of Advice: Distributional Patterns and Implications for Life Meaning Markus H. Schafer and Laura Upenieks Markus H. Schafer and Laura Upenieks (March 2016)

Using Identity Processes to Understand Persistent Inequality in Parenting Jessica L. Collett, Kelcie Vercel, and Olevia Boykin (December 2015)

Working the Boardwalk: Trust in a Public Marketplace Laura A. Orrico (September 2015).

Understanding the Selection Bias: Social Network Processes and the Effect of Prejudice on the Avoidance of Outgroup Friends Tobias H. Stark (June 2015).

Samuel Stouffer and Relative Deprivation  Thomas F. Pettigrew (March 2015).

Control in the Face of Uncertainty: Is Job Insecurity a Challenge to the Mental Health Benefits of Control Beliefs? Paul Glavin and Scott Schieman (December 2014).

The Detrimental Effects of Sanctions on Intragroup Trust: Comparing Punishments and Rewards Kyle Irwin, Laetitia Mulder, and Brent Simpson (September 2014).

‘‘Good Girls’’: Gender, Social Class, and Slut Discourse on Campus Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Laura T. Hamilton, Elizabeth M. Armstrong, and J. Lotus Seeley (June 2014).

The Threat of War and Psychological Distress Among Civilians Working in Iraq and Afghanistan Alex Bierman and Ryan Kelty (March 2014).

Counting on Coworkers: Race, Social Support, and Emotional Experiences on the Job Melissa M. Sloan, Ranae J. Evenson Newhouse, and Ashley B. Thompson (December 2013).

The Normative Order of Reporting Police Misconduct: Examining the Roles of Offense Seriousness, Legitimacy, and Fairness by Michael A. Long, Jennifer Eileen Cross, Tara O’Connor Shelley, and Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovic (September 2013).

High School Religious Context and Reports of Same-Sex Attraction and Sexual Identity in Young Adulthood by Lindsey Wilkinson and Jennifer Pearson (June 2013).

A Refinement of Collaborative Circles Theory: Resource Mobilization and Innovation in an Emerging Sport by Ugo Corte (March 2013).