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Sociology of Education Cover Editor: John Robert Warren, University of Minnesota
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Mission Statement

Sociology of Education provides a forum for studies in the sociology of education and human social development. We publish research that examines how social institutions and individuals' experiences within these institutions affect educational processes and social development. Such research may span various levels of analysis, ranging from the individual to the structure of relations among social and educational institutions. In an increasingly complex society, important educational issues arise throughout the life cycle. The journal presents a balance of papers examining all stages and all types of education at the individual, institutional, and organizational levels. We invite contributions from all methodologies.

Selected Articles

Student Neighborhoods, Schools, and Test Score Growth: Evidence from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Deven Carlson and Joshua M. Cowen (January 2015)

The High School Environment and the Gender Gap in Science and Engineering Joscha Legewie and Thomas A. DiPrete (October 2014)

Football as a Status System in U.S. Higher Education Arik Lifschitz, Michael Sauder, and Mitchell L. Stevens (July 2014) 

Measure for Measure: How Proficiency-based Accountability Systems Affect Inequality in Academic Achievement Jennifer Jennings and Heeju Sohn (April 2014)

Disparities in Debt: Parents’ Socioeconomic Resources and Young Adult Student Loan Debt Jason N. Houle (January 2014)

School Violent Crime and Academic Achievement in Chicago Julia Burdick-Will (October 2013)

Gender, Race, and Justifications for Group Exclusion: Urban Black Students Bussed to Affluent Suburban Schools Simone Ispa-Landa (July 2013)

Systematic Sorting: Teacher Characteristics and Class Assignments Demetra Kalogrides, Susanna Loeb, and Tara Be´teille (April 2013)

Juvenile Arrest and Collateral Educational Damage in the Transition to Adulthood David S. Kirk and Robert J. Sampson (January 2013)