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Editor: Elaine Wethington, Cornell University
ISSN: 2156-8693
Triennial: March, July, November

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Mission Statement

Society and Mental Health publishes original articles that apply sociological concepts and methods to the understanding of the social origins of mental health and illness, the social consequences for persons with mental illness, and the organization and financing of mental health services and care. Society and Mental Health publishes articles that advance the sociology of mental health and illness, stimulate further research, inform treatments and policy and reflect the diversity of interests of its readership.


Selected Articles

Orange Is Still Pink: Mental Illness, Gender Roles, and Physical Victimization in Prisons Jason Schnittker and Valerio Bacak (March 2016)

Agency and Mental Health: A Transition to Adulthood Paradox Steven Hitlin, Lance D. Erickson, and J. Scott Brown (November 2015)

Variation in the Protective Effect of Higher Education against Depression Shawn Bauldry (July 2015)

Health Insurance Status and Symptoms of Psychological Distress among Low-income Urban Women Anna W. Jacobs, Terrence D. Hill, and Amy M. Burdette (March 2015)

Reconsidering the Relationship between Age and Financial Strain among Older Adults Alex Bierman (November 2014)

Warring Identities: Identity Conflict and the Mental Distress of American Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan R. Tyson Smith and Gala True (July 2014)

Spouse’s Work-to-family Conflict, Family Stressors, and Mental Health among Dual-earner Mothers and Fathers by Marisa Young, Scott Schieman, and Melissa A. Milkie (March 2014)

Vacation, Collective Restoration, and Mental Health in a Population by Terry Hartig, Ralph Catalano, Michael Ong, and S. Leonard Syme (November 2013)

Gender Differences in the Determinants of Distress, Alcohol Misuse, and Related Psychiatric Disorders by Marta Elliott (July 2013)

After Moving to Opportunity: How Moving to a Low-poverty Neighborhood Improves Mental Health among African American Women by Kristin Turney, Rebecca Kissane, and Kathryn Edin (March 2013)

Institutions, Politics, and Mental Health Parity by Elaine M. Hernandez and Christopher Uggen (November 2012)

Depression, Access Barriers, and Their Combined Associations with Unmet Health Needs among Publicly Insured Individuals in Minnesota by Nathan D. Shippee, Kathleen Thiede Call, Whitney Weber and Timothy J. Beebe (July 2012)

Functional Limitations and Psychological Distress: Marital Status as Moderator by Alex Bierman (March 2012)

Intimacy and Belonging: The Association between Sexual Activity and Depression among Older Adults by Kathryn Ganong and Erik Larson (November 2011)

The Impact of Sexual Harassment on Depressive Symptoms during the Early Occupational Career by Jason N. Houle, Jeremy Staff, Jeylan T. Mortimer, Christopher Uggen, and Amy Blackstone (July 2011)

Parenthood, Life Course Expectations, and Mental Health by Daniel L. Carlson and Kristi Williams (March 2011)