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City & Community (Section on Community and Urban Sociology)
Journal of World Systems Research (Section on Political Economy of the World System)
Society and Mental Health (Section on Sociology of Mental Health)
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (Section for Racial and Ethnic Minorities)

Recent Selected Articles

Casualties of Social Combat: School Networks of Peer Victimization and Their Consequences (American Sociological Review, April 2014).

Measure for Measure: How Proficiency-based Accountability Systems Affect Inequality in Academic Achievement (Sociology of Education, April 2014). 

A Collective Effort to Improve Sociology Students’ Writing Skills (Teaching Sociology, April 2014).

Editor’s Remarks, Critical-Retrospective Essays, and Symposium (Contemporary Sociology, March 2014).

Race, Gender, and Chains of Disadvantage: Childhood Adversity, Social Relationships, and Health (Journal of Health and Social Behavior, March 2014).

The Threat of War and Psychological Distress Among Civilians Working in Iraq and Afghanistan (Social Psychology Quarterly, March 2014).

Spouse’s Work-to-family Conflict, Family Stressors, and Mental Health among Dual-earner Mothers and Fathers (Society and Mental Health, March 2014).

The Problem of Excess (Sociological Theory, March 2014).

Black Philly After The Philadelphia Negro (Contexts, Winter 2014).

How You Downsize Is Who You Downsize: Biased Formalization, Accountability, and Managerial Diversity (American Sociological Review, February 2014).

Dilemmas of Disaster Zones: Tax Incentives and Business Reinvestment in the Gulf Coast after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (City & Community, December 2013).

Modeling Household Decisions Using Longitudinal Data from Household Panel Surveys,with Applications to Residential Mobility (Sociological Methodology, 2013).