Journal of Health and Social Behavior
Policy Briefs


September: Does Medical Treatment of Children’s Behavioral Problems Lower Foster Care Rates?



March: Why Do Hospitals Comply with Federal Regulation and What Does It Mean for Variation in the U.S. Health Care System?

June: Do Adolescents Exert as Much Social Influence on Their Friends to Quit Smoking as They Do to Start?



March: Are Same-Sex Cohabitors Less Healthy than People in Other Union Statuses?

June: Why Have Educational Disparities in Mortality Increased among White Women in the United States?

September: Does Nonmarital Childbearing and Mother’s Later Marriage Influence Child Health in Adolescence?

December: Why Does Naturalization Matter for the Health of Older Immigrants in the United States?


March: Do the Psychological Effects of Stigma Linger After Obese Adolescents Transition to Normal Weight?

June: How Do Drinking, Emotional Health, and Academic Success of Teens Influence Each Other in Different Kinds of Schools?

September: Why are Economically Disadvantaged Americans Less Likely than Wealthier Persons to Make Preparations for Their End-of-Life Health Care?

December: How Do Women's Work Pathways Following Motherhood Influence Their Health at Middle Age?


March: How Does the Classroom Learning Environment Affect Children's Mental Health?

June: Are Neighborhood Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Racial/Ethnic Segregation Associated with Cognitive Functioning in Late Middle Age?

September: How Does Health in Childhood Impact Labor Market Earnings Over the Life Course?

December: Changing Work, Changing Health: Can Real Work-Time Flexibility Promote Health Behaviors and Well-Being?