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 January 2016 (Volume 44, Number 1)
  • Report of the ASA Secretary on ASA Finances: The ASA Operating Budget and Invested Assets (Mary Romero)
  • Launching a New Pilot Mentoring Program at ASA (Beth Floyd and Jean H. Shin)
  • ASA Rolls Out Standards for High School Sociology at NCSS (Jean Shin)
  • Vantage Point: Change the Conversation: Communicate Sociological Research
  • Science Policy: National Academies Press's Guide to the Science within SOTU, Census Bureau Releases 2014 Income and Poverty Estimates for All Counties, NSF: Immigrants Play Increasing Role in U.S. Science and Engineering Workforce
  • Alexander, Olson, and Entwisle Win Top Education Award for The Long Shadow
  • My Childhood Memories of Florian Znaniecki (Marcia Kaplan Rudin)
  • Teaching Premedical Students in the Sociology Classroom (Elaine Hernandez)
  • Nation's First Department of Rural Sociology Celebrates its Centennial (Julie N. Zimmerman)
  • Thank You, ASA Members!
  • Announcements
  • Funding: Advertising Educational Foundation 2016 Visiting Professor Program (VPP)
  • American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Digital Extension Grant
  • Labor Research and Action Network (LRAN)
  • National Institute of Nursing Research
  • Sakip Sabanci International Research Award
  • Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP)
  • Deaths: Gerhard (Gerry) Emmanuel Lenski, Jr., Fatema Mernissi, Allan Silver
  • Obituaries: James G. Ennis, William Form, Richard H. Hall, Gerhard Emmanuel Lenski, Jr., Allan Silver


 February 2016 (Volume 44, Number 2)
  • ASA in the Emerald City (Jerald R. Herting and Jennifer McKinney)
  • Four Steps to Enhance Your Social Media Presence (Dustin Kidd)
  • Recipients of the 2016 ASA Awards
  • Vantage Point: A Cautionary Success Story in Congress: ASA Members Did their Part!
  • Science Policy: NSF States that Harassment Will Not Be Tolerated, Research Shows Many Community College Students Failed by Transfer System, U.S. Census Bureau Releases Latest 5-Year PUMS Files
  • It's Better in the Block
  • President-Elect Lamont Speaks at DCSS
  • Using NSF Funds to Study Differences in School Desegregation in Five Southern States (Toby L. Parcel, Roslyn Arlin Mickelson, and Stephen Samuel Smith)
  • The Campus Kitchen at Fayetteville State University (Sherree Davis, Stacye Blount, and Nicole Lucas)
  • Austrian Sociology in the Dawn of the ISA Forum 2016 (Rudolf Richter)
  • Sociologists Appointed Russell Sage Foundation Visiting Scholars
  • Top TRAILS Downloads in 2015
  • Most Downloaded Footnotes articles of 2015
  • Announcements
  • Funding: Advertising Educational Foundation 2016 Visiting Professor Program (VPP), National Institute of Nursing Research, Partner University Fund
  • Obituaries: Ivar E. Berg, Theodore Caplow, Robert M. Marsh



 March/April 2016 (Volume 44, Number 3)
  • ASA is Seattle Bound! (M. Cadigan, E. Carll, C. Gilroy, T. Marques, T. Thomas, J. Herting, and J. McKinney)
  • Report of the ASA Secretary on ASA Dues: A Comparative Perspective (Mary Romero)
  • Candidates for the 2016 ASA Election
  • Vantage Point: Human Rights and the Scholarly Society: What Is ASA's Role?
  • Science Policy: Census: More than Half of Asians in U.S. Have a Bachelor's or Higher; DARPA: Accelerating Discovery with New Tools and Methods for Next Generation Social Science; Pew Research Center: Women Generally Are More Religious than Men
  • Proposed Changes to the Common Rule - the Protection of Human Subjects (John Kennedy and Thomas Van Valey)
  • Preparing for a 21st Century Job Hunt with a BA in Sociology (Jaime Hecht)
  • Why I Go to the ASA Department Chairs Conference (Julia McQuillan)
  • Tips for Promoting a New Book (Abigail C. Saguy)
  • Teaching and Technology (Maxine P. Atkinson and Emily Medina)
  • Teaching Around the World: Sociology on the Semester at Sea Ship (Michelle M. Camacho)
  • The Sociology of Migration and Understanding Recent Transformations in U.S. Anti-immigrant Sentiment (Steven Gold)
  • BlackLivesMatter: "Where Is the Outrage?"
  • Announcements
  • Funding: African Critical Inquiry Programme (ACIP); Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Research Grant Program; National Institute of Health; Sociological Initiatives Foundation; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health; W.E.B. Du Bois Program of Research on Race and Crime
  • Deaths: Alan Booth
  • Obituaries: Charles D. Bolton, John Henry Gagnon