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  • Felice J. Levine Meets with Chairs: Core Disciplines at Issue in Kentucky Universities
  • Federal Science Policy Is the Theme for the 1993 Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA) Annual Meeting
  • ASA Department Affiliates Program: Forging a Partnership to Strengthen Sociology (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • The Open Window: A Foot in the White House Door (Felice J. Levine)
  • Secretary's Report: 1993 Marked by Financial Stability, Programmatic Accomplishments (Arlene Kaplan Daniels)
  • Lessons from Waco (Nancy T. Ammerman)
  • ASA MOST Program Seeks Departmental Participation (Ramon S. Torrecilha)
  • Neal Lane and Allan Kornberg Appointed to Key Positions at the National Science Foundation
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: ASA Increases Attention on Accessabilty Issues: 1994 Annual Meeting Site Reviewed (Janet L. Astner)
  • Teaching: Increased National Attention Focuses on Preparing Graduate Students to Teach (Carla B. Howery)
  • ASA to Survey Members About Gay and Lesbian Issues
  • United States Holocaust Institute
  • Nominations Invited for the Jensen Lectureship
  • Sociologists Receive Honors, Awards: Bill Darrow Receives 1993 Award for Sociological Practice; 1993 Cheryl Miller/Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) Lecturer
  • Sociology of Religion Seeks to Become a New ASA Section
  • Open Forum: "A Bright Future for William and Mary" (Satoshi Ito); "Stealing Books and the Sociological Imagination" (N. Prabha Unnithan); "The Closing of Sociology Departments: Changing Our View, Not the Dean's View" (Lynn Mulkey and John Wildeman); "Scorned" (Anonymous)
  • 1992 Audit: ASA's Stable Financial Future
  • Writing Tips: Verb Tenses (Karen Feinberg)
  • Obituaries: Henry A. Gordon, Hans O. Mauksh
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Council Minutes of the 1992-93 Council Meeting (1993 ASA Annual Meeting)
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  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Los Angeles: The City With Zeal for Innovations (Harvey Molotch)
  • The Open Window: ASA's Moving Forward for Sociology (Felice J. Levine)
  • Two More Section Award Nominations Sought
  • National Science Foundation Search: Law and Social Science Program
  • ASA Regional Reps Sought
  • An Analysis of General Interest Sociology Journals (Richard A. Wright)
  • Deaths: Earl D.C. Brewer, Werner J. Cahnman, Leo Chall, James W. Gladden, Albert G. Hess, Mervin G. Smith, George J. Vlasak, John  Wildeman
  • Obituaries: Kenneth P. Wilkinson
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    March 1994 (Volume 22, Number 3)
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  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Re-Inventing the Multi-Racial and Multi-Ethnic City of the 21st Century? (Melvin L. Oliver)
  • Code of Professional Ethics Revision (John Kennedy, Barbara Melber)
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Documentary Visions of Los Angeles (Barrie Thorne)
  • The Open Window: Academic Freedom and the Role of ASA (Felice J. Levine)
  • On the Well-Being of Graduate Departments
  • ASA MOST Program Seeks Host Sites for Summer 1995 (Ramon Torrecilha)
  • New Opportunities for Sociologists in HIV/AIDS Prevention Planning (Paula Trubisky)
  • Candidates for ASA President, Vice President, Secretary
  • National Science Foundation Search: Sociology Program Director
  • International News and Notes: On Sociology in Japan and Japanese Sociological Society; Russian Libraries and Archives Available by E-Mail (Carol Erickson); The Russian Businessman: His Leanings and Interests (Vladimir Gubernatorov)
  • Professional Socialization for What? (David Yamane)
  • Open Forum: "ASA's Candidate Slate" (Barbara Katz Rothman); "Some Questions About Confidentiality" (Lee Clarke); "Funding for Sociology" (James L. Wood); "Full Papers in Advance" No.? (Henry J. Steadman); "Contemporary Sociology, New Editor or New  Orientation?" (Guy Ankerl); "Can Sociologists Study Personality?" (Russell Eisenman)
  • Obituaries: Benedict S. Alper, Ruth Shonle Cavan, Leo Chall, Marshall Jones, John Wildeman
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: 1993-94 Council Minutes (no date listed)
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    April 1994 (Volume 22, Number 4)
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  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Gay in Los Angeles (Peter M. Nardi)
  • International Sociological Association Travel Grant Applications Due May 13: XIII World Congress of Sociology
  • 1994 Annual Meeting Theme: Explaining and Preventing Genocide (William A. Gamson)
  • The Open Window: Moving on to Move Forward: Core Programs Reorient the Executive Office (Felice J. Levine)
  • News from the Minority Affairs Program: Bridging the Diversity Gap (Ramon S. Torrecilha)
  • MOST Program Seeks Graduate Sites (Ramon S. Torrecilha)
  • ASA Works to Protect School-Based Research
  • Sociology and National Health Care Reform (Ronald Manderscheid)
  • Council Briefs
  • National Science Foundation Sociology Program Awards for Fiscal Year 1993
  • Teaching: Preparing Graduate Students for Teaching in U.S. and Canadian Sociology Departments (Bernice A. Pescosolido and Melissa A. Milkie); Using a Computer to Improve Classroom Teaching and (Even) Meeting Presentations: A Footnote to Footnotes Article William R. Aho)
  • Neil J. Smelser and Wendy Baldwin Assume Key Posts: Smelser to Head Institute of Advanced Study; Baldwin Named National Institute of Health Deputy Director
  • Six Receive Small Grant Awards; New Proposals Due
  • Update on Scarce Case and the Scholar's Privilege
  • ASA Aids Sociology at California State University-Northridge
  • Open Forum: "Support for the Nominations Process" (Denise D. Bielby, et. al.); "The Academic Demand for Sociologists" (Robert J. Stevenson)
  • Research Program on the Discipline and Profession: Sociology Departments and Their Affinities
  • Writing Tips: Enough of "That" (Karen Feinberg)
  • Mady Wechsler Segal, Charles V. Willie Awarded Lectureships: Mady Wechsler Segal 1994 Sociologists for Women in Society Feminist Lecturer on Women and Social Change; Charles Willie Named Eastern Sociological Society Williams Lecturer
  • Environmental Newsletter Founded and Published by Sociologist (Nina Alesci)
  • Inside 1722: Monica Joyi is a Special Addition to ASA
  • Survey Shows Attendees Satisfied with 1993 ASA Annual Meeting
  • ASA Seeks New Teaching Services Field Coordinator
  • Deaths: Melvin Tumin
  • Obituaries: Joseph H. Fichter, James W. Gladden, Phil Campbell
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  • 1994 Annual Meeting: The Production of Mass Culture (William Bielby and Denise Bielby)
  • Winners of Major ASA Awards: Lewis A. Coser, Career of Distinguished Scholarship; Reece McGee, Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; Nelson Foote, Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology; Charles V. Willie, DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award; Mitchell Duneier for his book Slim's Table, Distinguished Scholarly Publication
  • MOST Selects Undergraduate Departments
  • The Open Window: The Challenge of Democratic Participation Here at Home (Felice J. Levine)
  • Role of the Chair Workshop to Embrace Three Chair Meetings (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • A New Means of Communication with ASA
  • Don't Miss the 1994 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles!
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: A Different Kind of Business Meeting
  • Craig Calhoun to Edit Sociological Theory (Michael D. Kennedy)
  • Expert Witnessing: Memoirs of Beginner (Ann Goetting)
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Council Minutes: 1994 Mid-Winter Council Meeting (January 28-30, 1994)
  • Deaths: Lynn Atwater, George H. Gardner, Harry M. Johnson, A. Wade Smith
  • Obituaries: Vailes Daka-Mulwanda, Reverend Joseph L. Kerrins, CSSR, Janet Lee Koenigsamen, J. Zvi Namenwirth, Alden Speare, Jr., Gordon G. Wallace, David M. Willems
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    Summer 1994 (Volume 22, Number 6)
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  • Maureen Hallinan Elected ASA President; Myra Marx Ferree is Vice-President; Teresa Sullivan Secretary
  • Jill S. Quadagno Selected as ASA Congressional Fellow (Carla B. Howery)
  • Revitalizing Public Education: Sociologists Speak Out (Paula Trubisky)
  • The Open Window: Valuing Communication (Felice J. Levine)
  • Bringing Sociology Back In: A "Little" Big Success Story (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Looking to Los Angeles '94
  • Funding Opportunities for Sociologists in Mental Health
  • ASA Facilitates International Travel Grants for Sociologists (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • International Scholars to Visit U.S. on Fulbrights
  • Sociologists Receive Honors, Awards: Matilda White Riley Honored by National Academy of Sciences and Radcliffe College; Ronald Abeles Named Associate Director at the National Institute on Aging; Sheldon Steinhauser Receives Honorary Degree; Kathleen Blee Named     Research Professor; James S. Coleman Honored by Polish Sociological Association; Theda Skocpol Book Selected by Phi Beta Kappa; Joane Nagel New Jensen Lecturer
  • "Socumentaries" Prove Pictures Worth a Thousand Words (Nina L. Alesci)
  • Joint Program in Survey Methodology Flourishes (Elizabeth E. Schuster)
  • Writing Tips: "We met a man with a hairpiece named Melvin"; The Importance of Word Order (Karen Feinberg)
  • Sociologists Help Rewrite Law on Whistleblowers
  • American Association for the Advencement of Science and Georgia on My Mind (Phyllis Moen)
  • Congratulations to Departmental Prize Winning Students
  • Society for Applied Sociology Annual Meeting Theme: Using Sociology Around the World
  • Open Forum: "The Vision for Contemporary Sociology" (Craig Calhoun); "MOST II": A View from the Trenches" (John Kinch); "A Code of Ethics for COPE" (Leonard Broom); "Many Sociologists Do Incorporate Personality Variables into Their Theories and Research"     (Michael Klausner); "Cheap Shots at Minorities?" (Irwin Deutscher)
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: An Opportunity to Innovate, Do "The Vision Thing" in Los Angeles (John Angle)
  • A New Means of Communication with ASA
  • 1993 Audit: ASA's Solid Financial Picture
  • Theorizing South Africa (S.M. Miller)
  • Deaths: Daniel Levinson, Rabbi Samuel Teitelbaum
  • Obituaries: Lynn Atwater, Marshall H. Becker, Patrick L. Biernacki, Rhoda Lois Blumberg, H. Paul Chalfant, George Henry Gardner, Harry M. Johnson, Leo Meltzer, Ralph Miliband, G. Peter Paulhe, A. Wade Smith
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Editors' Reports
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  • 1994 Annual Meeting: ASA Major Award Winners Honored in Los Angeles
  • 1994 Annual Meeting Highlights (Janet L. Astner)
  • 1996 Annual Meeting Theme: "Social Change: Opportunities and Constraints"
  • The Open Window: American Sociological Foundation: Building for the Future of Sociology (Felice J. Levine)
  • Ann Petersen Appointed to Key National Science Foundation Post
  • Profile of the President: Amitai Etzioni: The Active Sociologist (Richard M. Coughlin)
  • Window on Washington: Clinton Officials Address Sociologists (Paula Trubisky); Institute of Medicine Urges Support of Social and Behavioral Science Research (Paula Trubisky)
  • Robert K. Merton, William Julius Wilson Wilson Receive Awards: Merton Wins Medal of Science; W.J. Wilson Awarded Seidman Prize
  • Immanuel Wallerstein Elected International Sociological Association President
  • Adrian Raftery is New Editor of Sociological Methodology (Michael Hout)
  • ASA/National Science Foundation Small Grant Proposals Due
  • Amitai Etzioni Receives Honorary Degrees
  • ASA Committee Focuses on Graduate Education (Carla B. Howery)
  • The Sociology Graduate Record Examination: Problems and Prospects (Richard H. Hall)
  • Two Sections Approved (Rational Choice and Sociology of Religion); One More in Formation (International Migration)
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Role of the Chair Workshop Tackles Questions at Annual Meeting (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • The "Lost Generation" Survey: Preliminary Analysis of Qualitative Responses (Margot B. Kempers)
  • ASA Sections Bestow Awards in Los Angeles
  • Deaths: Carl Couch, Rose Laub Coser, Albert H. Hobbs, Elliott Liebow, Dick Lopata, Edward S. Weeks, Jr.
  • Obituaries: Robert H. Barker, Robert Bugoslaw, Chester L. Hunt, Leo Kuper, Melvin M. Tumin, Leslie D. Zeleny
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  • Dan Clawson to Edit Contemporary Sociology (Naomi Gerstel and Robert Zussman)
  • Congress Asked to Address National Institutes of Health Social/Behavioral Research
  • Clinton Names William J. Wilson to Committee on National Medal
  • The Open Window: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Socio-environmental Lab Under Threat (Felice J. Levine)
  • Melvin L. Kohn Decries National Institute of Mental Health Lab Closing (Melvin L. Kohn)
  • James S. Coleman Honored by Johns Hopkins University (Andrew Sherman)
  • ASA Council Resolution on National Institute of Mental Health Laboratory Closing, August 11, 1994
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Minority Fellowship Program Celebrates the Past, Anticipates the Future (Ramon S. Torrecilha)
  • National Insitute of Mental Health Information Via Fax (Andrew Sherman)
  • National Institute of Mental Health Renews Minority Fellowship Program with Substantial Growth (Paula Trubisky)
  • New Minroty Fellowship Program Fellows Announced
  • National Institutes of Health Raises Stipend Levels
  • Committee to Review ASA Certification Program (John M. Kennedy)
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Honors Program Celebrates 21st year in Los Angeles (David Bills)
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Teaching Endowment Fund Benefits from Evening at La Golondria (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop Draws Full House in Los Angeles (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • International News and Notes: Faculty Cite benefits of International Student Internships: Immersion in Nicaraguan Society (Johannes P. Van Vugt); Rich Collaboration in the Caribbean (Harriet Miller); Changes in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: Academic Entrepreneurship During Transformation of the Institutions of Science in     Russia (Victor Vornkov and Miles McNall); Democracy and Sociology in Transition: Insight into Croatia and Culture (Nina L. Alesci); Waiting for a Miracle: Sociologists Help Run Underground University in Former Yugoslavia (Janet Mancini Billson); Cultural Divergence and Sociological Fissure: A Tale of Two Countries, or, The Local in the Global (Philip McMichael)
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: ASA Sections Bestow Awards in Los Angeles
  • Obituaries: Rose Laub Coser, Carl J. Couch, Daniel J. Levinson, Elliot Liebow, Calvin F. Schmid, Gerald W. Simmons
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    December 1994 (Volume 22, Number 9)
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  • Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Committees
  • ASA Meets with Health and Human Services Secretary Shalala (Paula Trubisky)
  • ASA Adds Four New MOST Sites (Paula Trubisky)
  • The Open Window: Consortium of Social Science Associations as Key (Felice J. Levine)
  • Seven Receive Small Grants; New Proposals Due
  • Sandria Freitag Named American Historical Association Executive Director
  • National Science Foundation Renews Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline Support to ASA
  • A Conversation with Office of Science and Technology Policy's Joyce Justus (Ellen Berg)
  • Clinton Appoints Social Scientists to Science Board
  • The Internet, E-Journals, and Academia (Carl H.A. Dassbach)
  • Challenges of the 1980s, Challenges for the 1990s (Reynolds Farley)
  • Important Changes with the Graduate Record Examinations: Chairs and Departments Need to Act Now! (Carla B. Howery)
  • New Graduate Record Examination General Test to be Introduced in 1997 (Ann Williard)
  • International News and Notes: The World Bank's Sociologists: An Interview with Michael Cernea: Bringing NewKnowledge Into the Development Program (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • Nominations Invited for 1996 Major ASA Awards
  • Sociologists on the Move: Sociologists Appointed to Key Posts at University of Maryland; Maryland Professor to Indianapolis; Rose M. Brewer 1995 SWS Feminist Lecturer; Featherman to Institute for Social Research
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: More Section Awards from the 1994 Annual Meeting
  • Deaths: Ralph Miliband
  • Obituaries: Vernon Boggs, Wallace W. Culver, Zelma George, Marion Langer, Thorsten Sellin
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