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Green Arrow Footnotes
January 1988 (Volume 16, Number 1)
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  • Membership Survey Results Help Guide Future (Carla B. Howery)
  • Clearinghouse Seeks News, Media Contacts
  • ASA President Herbert Gans Honored by SUNY-Albany
  • Sociology Major (Tim Brown) Wins Heisman Trophy
  • A Newcomer's View of NSF (about Phyllis Moen; by Carla B.
  • Committee on World Sociology Liaison Coordinators
  • Observing: Bits and Pieces (William D'Antonio)
  • Teaching Column: Teaching Courses in Controversial and Value-Laden
        Areas (Kathleen McKinney)
  • TSP Workshop on Local Research Centers
  • The Presentation of Minorities in Sociology (Richard R. Verdugo and
        James E. Blackwell)
  • Peter Rossi Presents First Jensen Lectures
  • "Sociologist's Song" Available from TRC
  • The Resurgence of Sociology at California State University-Los Angeles
        (Ralph Thomlinson)
  • Jonathan R. Cole Named Vice President, Arts and Sciences, at
        Columbia University
  • Barbara Katz Rothman Named SWS Miller Lecturer
  • Guidelines for Employment of Part-Time Faculty
  • Congressions of a Part-Time Professor (Thomas K. Pinhey)
  • Open Forum: "For More Sociology/Society Interface" (Amitai Etzioni); 
        "South Korean Sociologist Imprisoned" (Alvin L. Jacobson)
  • ISA Group Urges Housing Reform
  • Three Books Win SSSP Award
  • Nominations Sought for ASA Awards
  • The Treatment of Gender in Research
  • A Varied Menu of Teaching Workshops
  • Sociological Networking (Russell K. Schutt for the Electronic
        Sociological Network Committee)
  • New TRC Product on Inclusive Curriculum
  • Certification, Licensure, and Legitimacy (Lisa King)
  • Deaths: Maurice Jackson, Jay Schulman, Louis Zurcher
  • Obituaries: Stuart A. Queen, Fred R. Yoder
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  • Robin M. Williams, Jr., Receives Common Wealth Award
  • MFP Makes Dissertation Awards for 1987-88
  • Editors Sought for American Sociological Review, Journal of Health and
        Social Behavior
  • TSP Workshop on Computers
  • Observing: Honors and Achievements (William D'Antonio)
  • Sociologists Receive NEH Awards
  • Inside 1722: Edwards and Frensilli Guide Publications
  • Methods and Statistics Requirement for the MA Degree (Bettina J.
        Huber; second in a series)
  • Sociologists Receive NIDA Research Grants
  • 1987-88 Fulbright Awards
  • Nominations Sought for ASA Awards
  • Open Forum: "And God Created Man . . ." (Raymond Eve); "On the
        Theory of Culture" (Robert Wuthnow); "Nicaragua: A Vibrant, Open
        Society" (Richard A. Dello Buono)
  • Women & Minorities
  • The Computer Network
  • More ASA Contributors
  • The Social World of Florida's Mariel Cubans (Lionel Maldonado)
  • ASA's Cumulative Index: A Welcome Aid to Many
  • TSP Workshop on "Teaching the Sociology of Family Violence"
  • Sociology of the Department of Agriculture, 1919-1953 (Olaf Larson)
  • Fire at University of Dayton
  • Letter to the Editor: "A Media Event Worth Viewing" (Thomas J.
  • Open Forum: "Bureaucracy at the Indo-U.S. Subcommission" (Helena
        Z. Lopata)
  • Manhattan Study: A Classic
  • Raising Your Hand Just Won't Do (Gary T. Marx)
  • Social/Behavioral Science Research Funding: 1988 Federal Budget
  • Ask ASA
  • Deaths: Wilbert E. Moore
  • Obituaries: Graham Tomlinson
  • Section Reports
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  • MFP Expands to Undergraduates, Postdocs
  • David Armor: The Sociologist as Policy Maker
  • Observing: 1988's Balanced Budget: A Commentary (William
  • Inside 1722: Astner Conducts Annual Meetings
  • ASA Council Approves Credit Card Proposal
  • ASA Council Tackles a Full Agenda at Mid-Year Meeting (Council
  • Editors Sought for ASR, JHSB
  • TSP Workshop on Participatory Research and Community-Based
  • New TRC Product: Teaching Sociology on the Branch Campus
  • Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Committees
  • Obituaries: Jack London, William G. Mather, Jay Schulman
  • Editors' Reports
  • Section Reports
  • Committee Reports
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    April 1988 (Volume 16, Number 4)
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  • Explore Atlanta on Sociology Tours
  • New Think Tank Links Research and Policy on Women: Heidi
        Hartmann (Carla Howery)
  • Publications Committee Evaluates JHSB
  • Observing: Is It Morning Again in Sociology (William D?Antonio)
  • Inside 1722: "Good Morning . . . . ASA; May I Help You?"  Nancy
  • STEP Grants for Meeting Travel
  • Representation of Women in U.S. Sociology Departments (Karen A.
        Miller, Stephen Kulis, Leonard Gordon, and Morris Axelrod)
  • Reach Out and Touch Someone: A Report on AIDS (Ellen Berg)
  • Ask ASA
  • Professional Ethics and the ASA (Barbara Altizer and Benigno Aguirre)
  • Open Forum: "And Sociologists Created Man" (Pierre van den Berghe)
  • Ronald Kessler Wins MERIT Award
  • 1988 Annual Meeting: Sociology by Subway in Atlanta (Brian Sherman)
  • Rosabeth Moss Kanter Writes on "Massachusetts Miracle" with
  • Richard Irish to Lead 1988 Annual Meeting Job Clinic
  • Improving Sociology's Relations with Journals (Herbert Gans)
  • Funding and Activities of the National Institute on Child Health and
        Human Development
  • Sociologists Think Science (magazine)
  • ASA Honors Program in Atlanta
  • University of Southern California Prepares Sociologists to Do Family
        Therapy (Carla Howery)
  • NSF Seeks Applicants for Sociology Position
  • POD Grants and Deadline Announced
  • New Section on Microcomputing
  • New Footnotes Columns Need Input (New Books, Commentary and
  • Deaths: Beverly Duncan, Irving Goldaber, Wayne C. Rohrer, Barbara
  • Obituaries: Joseph Bensman, Wilbert Ellis Moore
  • Section Reports
  • Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
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  • Robin M. Williams, Jr., Honored in Common Wealth Ceremony
  • How to Improve Your Teaching in Atlanta
  • ASA Award Winners Announced
  • Observing: The ASA Dues Structure (William D'Antonio)
  • Inside 1722: Good Luck and Thank You, Bettina (Huber)
  • Lois K. Cohen Named Phillips Visiting Professor at Columbia University
  • Encouraging NSF Funding of Qualitative Research (Herbert J. Gans,
        ASA President)
  • Second Biennial Update: The Status of Minorities and Women Within
        ASA (Bettina J. Huber)
  • Conference Looks at Race/Ethnic Relations in 1990s (Lionel A.
  • Charles U. Smith Receives Florida A&M Award
  • SSSP to Meet in Conjunction with ASA
  • ASA in Atlanta: All About the 1988 Annual Meeting
  • "Born Again" Documentary to Screen at 1988 Annual Meeting in
  • Deaths: Harry Abravanel, J. Don Harris, Joan Holley
  • Obituaries: Theodore Abel, Beverly Duncan, Bruce H. Mayhew, Wayne
        C. Rohrer, Barbara Rosenblum
  • Committee Reports
  • Section Reports
  • Minutes of January 28, 1988, meeting of 1987-88 ASA Council
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    August 1988 (Volume 16, Number 6)
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  • William Julius Wilson Elected ASA President; Edna Bonacich Vice
        President; Beth B. Hess Secretary
  • Atlanta: Old South, New South (Charles Karcher and Barbara Karcher)
  • Executive Officer's Report: A Year of Progress and Problems (William
  • Inside 1722: A Front Office Dynamic Duo-Frances M. Foster and
        Angela Foster Grisby
  • Michael Aiken Appointed Provost at University of Pennsylvania
  • Observing: 1987 Audit: ASA Budget in Balance (William D'Antonio)
  • 1987 Audit
  • Two Special Events at 1988 Annual Meeting: Section on Racial and
        Ethnic Minorities 10th Anniversary; Filmmaker Fred Wiseman to Show
        New Film, "Missile"
  • 1989 Annual Meeting Call for Papers
  • Deaths: Harold Feldman, Nicholas Mullins, Wai-Ying
  • Obituaries: Irving Goldaber, John W. Hudson, Maurice Jackson, John
        E. Mayer, Louis Anthony Zurcher
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  • Major ASA Awards Given at 1988 Annual Meeting: George Homans,
        Career of Distinguished Scholarship; Paul Glick, Career of Distinguished
        Contributions to the Practice of Sociology; Sharon McPherron and
        Charles A. Goldsmid, Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; Michael
        Mann, Distinguished Scholarly Publication; Doris Y. Wilkinson,
        DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award
  • ASF Trustees Make First Grant, to MFP
  • Editors Sough for TS, ST, SPR
  • Dues Renewal Underway
  • President's Report: The 1988 ASA Presidency: A Personal Account
        (Herbert J. Gans)
  • Observing: Bits 'n Pieces from the 1988 Annual Meeting (William
  • Profile of the President: Joan Huber: Sociological Theory and Common
        Sense (Mary Ann Lamanna)
  • 1989 Annual Meeting Theme: Macro/Micro Sociology
  • J. Michael Brooks Leads ASA Teaching Services Program
  • Sections Bestow Awards at ASA Annual Meeting
  • Cumulative Index of Sociology Journals Available on Disk
  • Winners of Raffle for Airline Tickets
  • Upcoming in Teaching Sociology: An Article by George Ritzer on 
        "Textbookgate" (Ellen Berg)
  • Council Establishes Standing Committee on Employment (Stephen A.
  • POD Grant Deadlines, Winners Announced
  • ASA and Duke University Invite Nominations for Jensen Lectureship
  • Deaths: Ruth Bleier
  • Obituaries: Albert B. Blumenthal, Robert Galen Burnight, Hugh Carter,
        Manuel Elmer, Harold Feldman, Nicholas C. Mullins
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    November 1988 (Volume 16, Number 8)
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  • Breakthrough: New Federal Job Description for Sociology (Stephen A.
  • 1990 Program Committee Invites Suggestions for Sessions
  • 1989 Candidates Announced
  • NIMH Program for Hispanics Celebrates 11th Anniversary
  • Observing: David Kingsbury Resigns NSF Post (William D'Antonio)
  • MFP Fellows Announced for 1988-89
  • Benefits of the ASA Credit Card
  • Rosabeth Moss Kanter and Matilda White Riley Included in Ladies
        Home Journal's "100 Most Important Women in 1988"
  • Minority Scholars Awarded NRC Fellowships
  • CIES Invites Applications for Awards
  • More Section Awards Presented In Atlanta
  • Ideas and Commentary: How Can the ASA Increase the Representation
        of Practitioners in the Membership, Program, and Elected Leadership?
        With: "Make Membership Worthwhile" (Meredith Gould); "Helping
        Practitioners Reclaim Their Sociological Identities" (Elizabeth J. Clark); 
        "Making Membership Worth More to Us" (Theodore A. Lamb); "A
        Useful List of Ideas" (David J. Kallen); "Outreach to Practicing
        Sociologists" (Mitchell A. Pravatiner)
  • Open Forum: Differing Views on the ASA's Annual Meeting Child Care
        Service? "A Commendation . . ." (Carolyn Howe and Jerry Lembke); 
        " . . . And a Complaint" (Art Stinchcombe); 'A Note from the
        Executive Office" (Carla Howery)
  • Two Sociologists (David Grusky and Mark Mizruchi) Receive NSF
  • ASA in San Francisco: Update on 1989 Program Sessions
  • Women's Representation Among Graduate Students in Sociology
        (Karen A. Miller, Stephen Kulis, Leonard Gordon, and Morris
  • The Whys of ASA Membership: "Why I Belong to the ASA"(Earl
        Babbie); "Graduate Students and the ASA" (Lorna Lueker)
  • Area Representatives Provide Local Linkages
  • New ASA Dissertation Award; Nominations Invited
  • Anthony Giddens Joins University of California-Santa Barbara
        Sociology Department
  • Group Disability Income Insurance
  • Honors Program Honor Hans Mauksch
  • Philip Converse Named Director of the Center for Advanced Study in
        the Behavioral Sciences
  • Deaths: Paul Riesman
  • Obituaries: Shelley Coverman, Laud Humphreys, Andrew William Lind,
        Herbert Scott, Jr.
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  • Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Committees
  • Last Chance for a 1988 Tax Deduction: ASF Endowment Campaign
        Sprints to the Finish Line
  • 1990 Annual Meeting Theme: Sociology and the Public Agenda
        (William Julius Wilson)
  • Observing: Forming Partnerships with Soviets and Our High Schools
        (William D'Antonio)
  • New Coalition to Promote International Education: Coalition for the
        Advancement of Foreign Languages and International Studies (Stephen
        A. Buff)
  • The AIDS Experience (about Levi Kamel; by Ellen Berg)
  • The Prison as Classroom (Carla B. Howery)
  • Experiment Station Directors Support New Social Science Research
        Initiatives (ESCOP)
  • Share Your Teaching Materials with TRC
  • New Materials from the ASA Teaching Resources Center
  • Teaching Resources Group Continues Visitation Program
  • ASA Emeritus Membership
  • The Hispanic Center at Arizona State University
  • ASA Contributors
  • Media Beat: Promoting Yourself or Your Research to a Wider
        Audience (Jan Yager)
  • Natalie Allon's Books Donated to University of Pittsburgh
  • Sociological Practice Association Establishes Charles Good Gomillion
        Collection at Paine College
  • TSP Workshop on Outcomes Assessment
  • ASA Council Considers Redistricting
  • Sociologists Garner Awards and Grants: NICHHD, NSF, NIA
  • Space Available for Other Activities at 1989 Annual Meeting
  • 1989 Regional Meeting Schedule
  • Open Forum: "Calling Names" (Judith Lorber); "On the Resectioning of
        Culture" (Eugene Rochberg-Halton); "Part-Time Professional Work" 
        (Susan B. Prager); "Candidate Qualifications" (name withheld); "Gender
        Bias Paranoia" (Richard Zeller); "To the Editor" (Sharon Georgianna); 
        "Image and Conviction in Sociology" (Richard C.J. Kilminster)
  • Humanist Sociology in South Africa (David O. Friedrichs)
  • Ideas and Commentary: "Should the ASA Offer Commercial Benefits?" 
        (Jeanne Ballantine); "The ASA Master Card" (Marie R. Haug)
  • Nominations Invited for 1990 ASA Awards
  • Mental Health Services Research Conference Held at ASA
  • New Concerns Surface Over Imprisoned South Korean Sociologist
        (Carla Howery)
  • Media Beat: Sociologist as Television Commentor (Brian S. Vargus)
  • Malaysian Sociologists Arrested; Letters of Protest Requested
  • Sociology Department at University of Dayton Damaged by Fire
        (Patrick G. Donnelly)
  • IIS International Congress to be Held in Rome, June 1989
  • "On Retirement" (a poem by J. Saltman)
  • Deaths: David Dodge, H. Kent Geiger, Morris Janowitz, Milton
        Rokeach, Muzafer Sherif
  • Obituaries: (William) Douglas Martin Chittick, Burton R. Fisher,
        Barbara Hargrove
  • Minutes from August 27, 1988, meeting of 1987-88 ASA Council
  • Minutes from August 28, 1988, meeting of 1988-89 ASA Council

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