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Green Arrow Footnotes
January 1985 (Volume 13, Number 1)
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  • 1986 Program Committee Announces Theme: ?Social Structures and
        Human Lives?
  • Enjoy Capital Culture During 1985 Annual Meeting (Ruth Thaler)
  • Editor Sought for New Teaching Journal
  • Public Relations Program Features Multi-faceted Efforts (Carla
  • NIH Offers Funding Opportunities for Sociologists (Janet M. Cuca)
  • Nominations Open for ASA Scholarship Award
  • Observing: ACLS/COSSA Meetings (William V. D'Antonio)
  • Sociologists Receive NSF/NIMH Grants
  • Upcoming Teaching Workshops
  • TRC Seeks Ideas on Advising for Monograph
  • Teaching: Sociology in High School (Carla Howery)
  • Salary Update: 1983-84 Figures for Academics (Bettina Huber)
  • Everett Hughes Collection Dedicated in Paris (Arlene Kaplan Daniels)
  • Obituaries: Aida K. Tomeh, Dwight W. Culver, Joseph T. Klapper,
        Cheryl Allyn Miller
  • Nominations Open for ASA Family Section Award
  • SSSP Seeks Executive Officer
  • Sociologists Participate in African Seminar
  • Sociologists Attend Symposium in China
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  • No ASA Petition Candidates Likely
  • 1985 Annual Meeting Plenary, Thematic Sessions Deal with Facets of
        Work (Kai Erikson)
  • Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Sherry Turkle Honored by Ms. Magazine
  • National Peace Institute Update (Ruth Thaler)
  • Teaching: Preparing Graduate Students to Teach (Carla Howery)
  • Pennsylvania Sociological Society Announces New Officers
  • Ford Program Funds Minority Scholars (Laure Sharp)
  • Observing: In Praise of Excellence (on Henry Quellmalz) (William
  • Professional Workshops for March 1995
  • Two Views of German Sociology (Dean Gerstein and Jiri Kolaja)
  • Editor Sough for New ASA Teaching Journal)
  • Robin M. Williams, Jr., New Editor of Sociological Forum
  • Conrad Taeuber Looks Back Over 50 Years of Demography (an
        interview by Carla Howery)
  • New Insurance Available to ASA Members
  • Deaths: Anita Kassen Fischer, Robin Williams III, Linda Keller Brown,
        Rex M. Johnson, Bell Boone Beard, Dorothy D. "Dee Dee" Vellenga,
        James S. Davie, Janina Adamczyk
  • Obituaries: Ch'eng-K'un Chung, John H. Mabry
  • Special Prices on Rose Monographs and Other Publications
  • ASA Committees and Representatives
  • Contributions to ASA Programs
  • Letter to the Editor: On letters of reference as opposed to names of
        referees (D. Katongo-Male)
  • Minutes of August 30, 1984, Meeting of ASA Council
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  • Special Election Issue: Candidate Biographies
  • D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, Jr., Extends Welcome to Sociologists
  • 1986 ASA Annual Meeting Site, Dates Changed (to New York City)
  • Community Surveys Train Students, Provide Service (Carla Howery)
  • William Ewens Named Teaching Services Program Field Coordinator
  • Editors Sought for ST, ASR, CS
  • Spring 1985 Regional Meetings
  • Teaching Materials Sought for Sex and Gender
  • Observing: Council Actions/Mario Brajuha (William D'Antonio)
  • Libraries Seek Donations
  • Nominations Sought for ASA Medical Sociology Section Dissertation
  • By-Laws Change Proposed: Program Committee composition
  • Job Clinic and Workshop on Federal Jobs Offering During 1985 Annual
  • "The Sociologist's Song" (a record)
  • Publishing Options Available Again
  • Teaching: Rewarding Effective Teaching (Carla Howery)
  • Workshop on Evaluations to be Offered May 1985
  • ASA Needs Information on Using Libraries
  • Professional Workshops Aid Career Growth and Change
  • AKD Awards Presented
  • Kinsey Awards Open
  • Clinical Sociology Review Seeks Editor
  • Obituaries: Anita Kassen Fischer, Mildred Kornacker
  • Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • Minutes of September 1, 1984, meeting of ASA Council
  • 1985 Guide to Graduate Departments Available
  • How ASA Committees Are Chosen (and application form for
        committee service)
  • Top

  • Lionel Maldonado Joins ASA Staff
  • Council Takes Action on Multifaceted Initiative on Certification and
  • New ASA Award for Distinguished Career in Practice of Sociology
  • Greetings from DC Congressman Walter Fauntroy
  • Rockefeller Foundation Minority Group Scholar Fellowships Awarded
  • State Licensure Monitors Appointed
  • S. Frankl Miyamoto Named to HHS Advisory Council
  • Discount Air Fares for Annual Meeting Travel
  • Three Yugoslav Sociologists Sentenced
  • ASA Workshop on Strengthening Graduate Education
  • Observing: The Federal Budget for FY1986 (William D'Antonio)
  • Dispute Resolution Gains Ground (Maria R. Volpe)
  • Summer Internships Available at ASA Office
  • ASA Commission Proposes Policy-Related Research Directions
        (Bettina Huber)
  • Teaching: Team Teaching Benefits Faculty, Students, Curriculum (Carla
  • Three Committees Present Proposals to ASA Council
  • Minority Sociologists and Their Status in Academia
  • Sociology Around the Globe
  • NCSA Establishes Tomeh Award
  • C. Matthew Snipp Is American Statistical Association Fellow
  • Eight Problems of the Discipline Grants Awarded
  • Travel Grants to Annual Meeting Available to Foreign Students
  • Good Ideas Column
  • Promote Your Book in ASA Journals
  • Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • Editors Reports
  • Top

  • Mario Brajuha Fieldnotes Case Resolved; Scholars? Rights Supported
        (Ruth Thaler)
  • Membership Committee Initiates System of Area Representatives
  • A Tribute to Paul Williams (Robert B. Hill)
  • Lively Plenary Sessions Set for Annual Meeting
  • Everything You Need to Know About the 1985 Annual Meeting
  • Getting Students Involved in the Annual Meeting (Carla Howery)
  • Annual Media Media Relations Shaping Up Well (Ruth Thaler)
  • Observing: ASA?s Budget in Balance (William D'Antonio)
  • 1984 Audit
  • Sociology Series Wins Public Affairs Honors
  • ASA Contributors
  • Teaching: Using Computers to Teach Sociology: A Departmental Survey
        (George Dowdall, Ross Koppel, Arthur Shostak)
  • NEH Funding Guide Available
  • Teaching Endowment Fund Gets Boost from Undergraduate Education
  • Daniel Ross and Robert Reimer Are Leaders in Asian Universities
  • Open Forum: "Social Science Research and Congressional Policy" 
        (Richard M. Levinson)
  • Sociology Theory Becomes ASA Journal
  • Employment Patterns in Sociology Available
  • Obituaries: Robert Cooley Angell, Theodore M. Newcomb, Romolo
  • ASA Medical Sociology Section Graduate Internship Program Seeks
  • Section Reports
  • ASA Workshops on Using Computers
  • Top

  • Election Results: Melvin Kohn is ASA President Elect; Mayer Zald,
        Vice President Elect; Michael Aiken, Secretary-Elect
  • A New Look: New Design for Footnotes
  • American Sociological Foundation Established by Council
  • 1985 Annual Meeting Update
  • Secretary's Report: 1986: A Year of Accomplishment (Theodore
  • Executive Officer's Report: Pursuing Short and Long-Range Goals
        (William D'Antonio)
  • 1985 Annual Meeting: Discover and Rediscover Washington, DC
        (William Martineau)
  • Microcomputer Users to Meet at Annual Meeting
  • Letter to the Editor: Whyte on Whyte (William F. Whyte)
  • Annual Meeting Presenters: Keep It Short
  • Wingspread Conference Focuses on Teaching (Carla Howery)
  • ASA Purchases Teaching Sociology from Sage
  • Teaching Endowment Fund Established
  • ASA Summer Interns
  • NSF Changes Submission Dates
  • COSSA to Meet
  • 1986 Professional Development Workshops
  • 1986 World Congress to be Held in New Delhi (Ann Kremers)
  • Clifford Clogg New SM Editor
  • Open Forum: "Sociology Outside the Academy" (Melvin Kohn)
  • New ASA Major Medical Insurance Plan Offered
  • The Status of Minorities and Women in ASA (Bettina Huber; first in a
  • Membership Committee's 80% Club (Departments with 80% or more
        faculty being ASA members)
  • Profile of the ASA President: Matilda White Riley: Of Her Times and
        Ahead of Her Time (Anne Foner)
  • 1986 Annual Meeting: Focus on Social Structures and Human Lives;
        Sessions, Organizers Announced
  • New 1986 Dues Structure
  • Deaths: Rue Bucher, George Dixon, Isaac Franck, Eileen H. Hepburn,
        Betty Irish, Sylvia Lasser, Don Martindale
  • Obituaries: Leonard Slater Cottrell, Jr., James P. Earp, John A.
        Kinneman, Paul Meadows, Adolph S. Tomars, Dorothy D. Vellenga,
        Eugene Weinstein
  • Minutes of February 2, 1985, meeting of ASA Council
  • Committee Report
  • Top

  • ASA Major Award Recipients: Reinhard Bendix, Career of
        Distinguished Scholarship; Duncan Gallie, Distinguished Contribution to
        Scholarship; Department of Sociology, University of Kentucky,
        Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; Joan Huber and Judith Stacey,
        Jessie Bernard Award
  • A Good Meeting that Almost Wasn?t (on the switch of locations due to
        Hilton fire) (Stephen C. Warren)
  • ASA Council Censures University of California-Santa Cruz
  • IIS International Congress to be Held in Portugal
  • Problems of the Discipline Grants Open
  • New TS Editor: Theodore Wagenaar
  • New SM Editor: Clifford C. Clogg
  • Nominees Sought for SOE Editor
  • 1987 ASA Candidates
  • New ST Editor: Norbert Wiley
  • Thank You to ASA Staff (Kai Erikson)
  • Peter Rossi Receives Common Wealth Award
  • Council Briefs
  • Observing: Notes from the Washington, DC Convention (William
  • 1985 Annual Meeting: Retrospective (photos)
  • Three Sections Present Awards During Annual Meeting
  • New Sessions for 1986 Annual Meeting
  • Clinical Sociology Syllabi Set Available
  • MFP Announces Fellows for 1985-86
  • 1985 Exhibits Called Successful (Karen Gray Edwards)
  • MFP Receives Cornerhouse Grant
  • Teaching: Teaching Using Discussion (William Ewens)
  • Attend Dallas Workshop on Teaching Applied/Clinical Sociology
  • SPQ Evaluation Stresses New Submissions (Bettina Huber)
  • Open Forum: "On Neofunctionalism" (Charles H. Page); "War &
        Peace" (William A. Gamson and James M. Skelly)
  • Two Sociology Associations Celebrate First Decade: Gay Caucus
        (Meredith Gould)/Association for Humanist Sociology (Stuart Hills)
  • Passing On Sociology Back in Print
  • Mark Abrahamson, Stanley Presser Head NSF Sociology Program
  • Sociology Around the World
  • Hans Zeisel and Harriet Zuckerman Elected to AAAS
  • Deaths: Rose Goldsen, Reuben Hill, Paul H. Landis
  • Obituaries: Rue Bucher, Don Albert Martindale, John Seidler, Francis
        Montgomery Sim
  • 1986 Guide Listings Due
  • Top

  • 1987 Program Theme: "Cross-National Research in Sociology"
  • Lenore Weitzman's Research Plans Key Role in New Research
  • MFP Task Force Begins
  • Norbert Wiley: Profile of the New ST Editor
  • 1986 Annual Meeting: Update from the President: Sessions on Uses of
        Sociology New Feature
  • Wohlers Offers New Disability Income Insurance Plan
  • Fulbright Grants Still Available
  • Observing: Your Voice Counts (William D'Antonio)
  • Sociological Practice Notes: Ronald Lippitt Receives Clinical Sociology
        Association Career Award
  • ASA Contributors: Thanks!
  • Indiana University Sociologists Celebrate 100th Anniversary
  • Sociologists Demonstrate at South African Embassy
  • Teaching: Using Computers to Teach Sociology: A Departmental Survey
        (Ross Koppel, George Dowdall, Arthur Shostak)
  • Employment Bulletin Fees to Increase
  • University of California-San Francisco Sociology Celebrates 25 Years
  • The Status of Minorities and Women in ASA (Bettina Huber; second in
        a series)
  • Sociologists Receive Brazil Merit Awards
  • Open Forum: "A Walk on the Applied Side: Ideology and the
        Celebration of Applied Sociology" (Gregory D. Squires, Thomas A.
        Lyson); "The Pricking of a Sacred Cow" (Cecil L. Willis, Richard H.
        Wells, J. Steven Picou)
  • Mark Granovetter Wins Theory Prize
  • Section on Aging Honors George Maddox
  • SSRC Appoints Francis X. Sutton President
  • David Jenness: COSSA Director Discusses Plans (an interview by Carla
  • Reference Format for ASA Journals to Change in 1986
  • COSSA's "Breakfast on the Hill" (John Hammer)
  • Teaching Program Sponsors Workshops
  • COPAFS Reports on Activities and Accomplishments (Kathy Wallman)
  • Ilene Nagel Appointed to New Sentencing Commission
  • TRC Offers 12 New Products
  • Accuracy in Academia Group Targets Radical Faculty
  • New Asia/Asian America Section Holds Sessions, Elects Officers
  • GSA Presents Kleemeier Award to George Maddox
  • Obituaries: Paul M. Houser, Paul J. Landis, Arthur Liebman
  • Top

  • Nominations for 1986 Elections
  • American Sociological Foundation Off and Running
  • The Outcome of the Mario Brajuha Case: Legal Implications for
  • President's Report: Recollections and Gratitude (Kai Erikson)
  • Capital Comment (column)
  • ISA World Congress Travel Arrangements
  • House Task Force Holds Hearings on Social Science
  • 1986 Regional Meeting Schedule
  • Sociological Practice (column)
  • ASA Contributors
  • Teaching: Applied Curriculum Can Enhance Liberal Arts Learning
        (Kathryn Grzeldowski, Jim Mitchell)
  • Sociologists Honored with NSF/NIMH Awards
  • Gary Hamilton Touts Fulbright Experience
  • ACLS Awards
  • Fulbright Awards
  • GSA Awards
  • ASA/ACLS Conducts Survey of Scholars
  • Mark Abraham, Stanley Presser Share Plans, Advice: NSF's Sociology
        Program Spearheads Research (an interview by Carla Howery)
  • Open Forum: "Whyte Revisited: Further Thoughts on Improving Annual
        Meetings" (Gary S. Foster); "Barriers Between Sociology" (Amitai
        Etzioni); "Communicating Sociology as a Useful Humanistic Science at
        the State Level" (Catherine T. Harris)
  • Alice Rossi, Daniel Gallego Appointed to Council on Aging
  • Obituaries: Rose K. Goldsen, Reuben L. Hill, Werner Stark