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December 1983


  • Social Science Grant Proposals Down Sharply at NIMH
  • 1983 Election Slate Completed
  • An Official Invitation to Detroit (Mel Ravitz)
  • January is a Good Time to Visit Representatives (Helen Rauch)
  • SOE to Publish Special Issue on Ethnographic Studies
  • A Tribute to Erving Goffman (Arlene Daniels; Russell Dynes)
  • Rabel Burdge Receivs Research Award
  • Visiting Fulbright Scholars Announced
  • Denis Johnston Lectures in China
  • Population Council Administers International Research Awards
  • Information Requested on Foreign Travelers
  • COFRAT Guidelines for Initial Appointments in Sociology
  • Suggested Letter for Initial Appointments Offer
  • Letters to the Editor: Are Women Sociologists Invisible? (Judith Lorber)
  • Herbert Kelman Receives New York Science Award
  • Minutes of September 9, 1982, meeting of 1982 Council
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects Sociologists


  • MFP in 10th Year Supports 57 Students
  • Membership Renewals Down 10 Percent
  • Publications Committee Reviews CS
  • Letter from the President: Death of Everett Hughes Evokes Celebration
        of His Life (Alice S. Rossi)
  • Association Committees Appointed
  • New Congress Term Calls for Reassessment of COSSA Role (William
        F. Whyte)
  • New ISA Address in The Netherlands
  • Open Forum: On Teaching Introductory Sociology: A Commentary
        (Robert J. Hockin and Mary M. Wilkes Karraker)
  • Committee on Statistics Wants Input
  • Otto Larsen Takes New Position at NSF
  • State Societies (Pennsylvania, Arkansas) Elect New Officers
  • Special Issue of TAS on ?Financing Sociological Research? Available
  • Observing (William D?Antonio)
  • Fourth Teaching Workshop Series to Start in April
  • Special Annual Meeting Sessions Will Focus on Problems Facing City
        of Detroit
  • NSF Supports NORC Survey
  • Bernice Neugarten Receives Gerontology Award
  • Annual Meeting Space for Other Groups
  • New Funding Opportunities at NIMH
  • David Mechanic Appointed to National Advisory Council on Aging
  • Minutes of September 11, 1982, meeting of 1983 ASA Council
  • Letters to the Editor: ASA Urged to Report Data on Handicapped
        (Robert Z. Segalman)
  • Obituaries: Harold C. Hoffsommer, Judson T. Landis, Frederick B.
        Parker, Donald Roy (died 1980)
  • Census Bureau Offers Courses
  • 1982 AAAS Election Results
  • Member Contributions

  • Special Election Issue
  • NSF Budget Increases
  • NSF Announces Sociology Grants for FY1982
  • Council Adopts 1983 Budget
  • Politics Dominate Research Programs at NIE
  • ASA Congressional Fellowship Established
  • Joanne Miller Heads Sociology at NSF
  • NSF Seeks Associate Director for Sociology
  • Observing (William D?Antonio)
  • Windsor Will Welcome ASA Visitors to 1983 Annual Meeting
  • 1983 Candidate Biographies
  • Petition Candidates Announced
  • Section Reports
  • Committee Reports
  • Congressional Fellowship Provides New Insights for Sociologist
        (Richard K. Scotch)
  • Letters to the Editor: On Non-Academic Employment (Nina Gruen)

  • Decline in Research Support from NIMH Continues
  • Letter from the President: Detroit Center Plight Eases; Festivals Overlap
        Meetings (Alice Rossi)
  • Registry of Retired Sociologists to be Updated
  • New Criteria Set for Small Grants Program
  • ASA Sponsors New Workshops
  • FY1984 Research Budget Has Mixed Message
  • Annual Meeting Session to Honor Works of Erving Goffman and
        Everett Hughes (Alice Rossi)
  • Letter to the Editor: ?Issues Regarding Ethics Code Enforcement?
        (Rodolfo Alvarez)
  • Four VPI Faculty Receive Fulbrights
  • World Sociology Committee Establishes Area Liaisons
  • NEH Fellowships Announced
  • ASA Insurance Plan Special Enrollment Period
  • Open Forum: ?Sociologists Must Contribute to World Peace
       Movement? (Allen D. Grimshaw); ?Report Shows Excessive Concern
        for Underdogs? (Thomas M. Kando)
  • Toward the 1990 Census
  • Undergraduate Overseas Plan
  • Obituaries: Everett Cherrington Hughes, Walter Phillips, Kenneth Evans
  • Procedures Proposed for Ethics Code Enforcement
  • Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • TRC Wants Submissions for Computer Instruction in Sociology
  • Deaths: Barbara Snell Dorhenwend, Frank W. Notestein

  • New Research Grants fron NIA Behavioral Research Program
  • Letter from the President: Detroit Program in Final Form: Age and
        Gender Are in Focus (Alice Rossi)
  • Sociological Practitioners: Their Characteristics and Role in the
        Profession (Bettina Huber)
  • Committee on Certification Seeks Assistance
  • 1983 Preliminary Program in the Mail
  • Information on 1983 Annual Meeting
  • Fulbright Applications Being Accepted
  • Observing (William D?Antonio)
  • 1982 Auditor?s Report
  • Guidelines for Congressional Visits
  • Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • Obituaries: Desmond M. Camacho, Rochard Marc Emerson, Gerald
        W. McDonald, Jeremiah Patrick Shalloo, Carle C. Zimmerman
  • Ninth Annual Honors Program Set for Annual Meeting
  • Member Contributions

  • Election Results: Kai T. Erikson is ASA President Elect; Morris
        Rosenberg is Vice President Elect
  • 1984 Annual Meeting to Focus on ?The Social Fabric?
  • Carol H. Weiss Appointed first ASA Congressional Fellow
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects Stanley Lieberson and
        Albert J. Reiss, Jr.
  • Members Offered Three Workshops in Spring
  • New Registry of Retired Sociologists Available
  • James F. Short, Jr.: A Profile of the New ASA President (Lois B.
  • Information for the Hearing Impaired
  • Sociologists Receive NEH Awards
  • Invitation to the Annual Meeting
  • Sessions, Organizers Announced for 1984 Annual Meeting
  • Open Forum: ?Report from Task Group on Homosexuality Defended?
        (Janet Saltzman Chafetz); ?ASA Should Assist More with Job Hunting?
        (Gregory D. Squires); ?Members Need More Detailed Information
        About ASA Finances? (Leonard Broom)
  • New SM Editor Invites Submissions
  • Executive Officer?s Report: Association Membership Shows Continuing
        Decline (William D?Antonio)
  • Women in Departmental Administrative Positions (Bonnie Thornton Dill,
        Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Bettina Huber)
  • New MFP Fellows Selected
  • Sociologists Shaping Public Policy: Two Profiles (William Darrow and
        Wendell Hester profiled by Carla B. Howery)
  • Alva Myrdal, Applied Sociologist
  • Five Sociologists Receive Guggenheims
  • Editors? Reports
  • Obituaries: Raymond F. Sletto, Margaret L. Helfrich, Carl A. Nissen,
        Thomas E. Ryther, Allan Sharlin, John T. Washington
  • Sociology Is Key to Orderly Change (James E. Teele)
  • Richard Suzman Joins NIA
  • Linda Grant Wins Women in Education Award
  • TRC Seeks Social Theory Syllabi
  • T. Franklin Williams New NIA Director
  • NCES Will Conduct High School Survey Followup
  • Stephen Spitzer Produces Videotape on Applied Sociology
  • GSS Board Seeks

  • ASA Major Award Recipients: Herbert Blumer, Career of Distinguished
        Scholarship; Orlando Patterson, Distinguished Contribution to
        Scholarship; David Riesman, Distinguished Contributions to Teaching;
        Alice S. Rossi, Jessie Bernard Award
  • Council Discusses Certification Report; Adopts Guidelines for Hiring
  • Sociologists? Salaries (Bettina Huber)
  • New Problems of the Discipline Grants Deadline
  • Open Forum: ?Members Should Question Publication of Anonymous
        Reviews? (H. Leon Abrams, Jr.)
  • William H. Sewell Receives Common Wealth Award
  • MacArthur Prize Given to Robert Merton
  • Deaths: Franz Adler, Katharine Jocher, Robert O. Richards, Herbert
        W. Roll
  • SWS Resolution on Appointment of Marjorie Fine Knowles as TIAA-
        CREF Board Member
  • Robert Roberts Receives Kellogg Award
  • Observing (William D?Antonio)
  • AKD Undergoing Change (Marie Marschall Fuller, AKD President)
  • William Kornblum, Paula Rayman Hold Seminars for Congressmen
  • Howard Freeman Elected to Institute of Medicine
  • New Sections on Asian and Asian America/Political Sociology Seek
  • NSF Minority Fellowships Offered
  • Alice Rossi?s SSS Presidential Address Available
  • New TRC Products
  • 1984 Coupon Listing

  • NIMH Releases Behavioral Sciences Research Report
  • Nominations Committee Announces 1984 Candidates
  • Committee on Publications Evaluates JHSB
  • Reflections on a Changing Academic Job Market (Gary S. Foster,
        Edward W. Gregory, Jr.)
  • William R. Freudenburg Is Second ASA Congressional Fellow
  • ASA Minority Fellowships Available
  • Proposal Submissions Down (reprinted from COSSA Washington
  • Thomas Guterbock New NSF Associate
  • Peace Academy Legislation Debated in Congress
  • Observing (William D?Antonio)
  • Scenes from Detroit (photos)
  • Ellen Louise Idler Receives Newcombe Award
  • NRC Commemorates Ogburn Report
  • ASA Applied Sociology Collection Now Available from Jossey-Bass
  • Charles Tilley Receives German Marshall Fund Fellowship
  • 1984 ASA Teaching Workshops Scheduled
  • Obituaries: Ernst Borinski, Lionel I. Dannick, Gregory Prentice Stone
  • Five Sociologists Receive ACLS Awards
  • NIA Invites Grant Applications
  • NRC to Award 35 Minority Fellowships
  • Dental Institute Supports Social Research
  • TRC Seeks Criminology Teaching Materials
  • COSSA Newsletter Available by Subscription
  • Clinical Sociology College at Georgetown University
  • Open Forum: ?Hiring Guidelines Questioned? (Edgar F. Borgatta)
  • SSRC Workshop
  • CIC Minority Fellowships Offered
  • Rose Monograph Series Invites Submissions

  • Eugene Gallagher to Edit JHSB
  • Sociologists at NIH
  • 1985 Program Theme: ?Working and Not Working?
  • Report of the President: End of Term Brings Mixture of Relief and
        Regret (Alice S. Rossi)
  • More Candidates for 1984 Election
  • Open Forum: ?More Comments Regarding Anonymous Reviews?
        (Harold Orlans, Immanuel Wallerstein, Rebecca D. Dixon); ?World
        Conflict Research Needed? (Kurt Lang)
  • Census Bureau Offers Courses
  • Observing (William D?Antonio)
  • Annual Meeting Job Clinic
  • 1984 Professional Development Workshops
  • CIES Announces 1984 Visiting Fulbright Scholars
  • Seminar on Medical Sociology Held in People?s Republic of China
  • Student Fulbright-Hays Awards
  • Film on Fred Crawford Available
  • Rodolfo Alvarez Receives First AKD Bogardus Award
  • Adolescent Pregnancy Data Archive Established
  • A Sociologist in Retirement (by Stuart A. Queen, the oldest living ASA
        past president, with introduction by Raymond V. Bowers)
  • Applied Sociologists in Western U.S.
  • 1983 Annual Meeting Goffman/Hughes Memorial Session Available on
  • Using the Computer to Teach Sociology (William S. Johnson)
  • Lists of Applied Sociologists Available from ASA
  • University of North Dakota Honors John M. Gallette
  • Letter to the Editor: ?Amnesty International Protests Sentence? (Ivan
  • COPAFS Gets Favorable Review
  • Senate Committee Looks at Relocation of Census Bureau
  • Census Bureau Reports Available
  • Center Studies Employee Ownership
  • Local Decision-Making and Fiscal Policy in U.S. and European Cities
  • Deaths: Joy Glick (wife of Paul Glick)
  • Richard Levinson Receives Robert Wood Johnson Fellowship
  • Vassar Receives Grant for New Theory Course