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  • New ASA Editors: Peter Burke, SPQ; Nancy Tuma, SM
  • Sociologists Receive 1981 NSF Grants
  • NSF Advisory Committee
  • SOE to Publish Special Issue Focusing on Coleman Study
  • Applied Workshop Held in Washington,DC
  • Fulbrights Awarded to 24 Sociologists
  • World Congress Set for August; Travel Grants Expected
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Peer Review Study Findings Spark Controversy
  • Applied Sociology Association Thrives in Sacramento
  • Archibald Haller Awarded Order of Merit
  • Annual Meeting Honors Program Attracts 23
  • Executive Office Wants Ideas on Teaching
  • Regional Teaching Workshops Scheduled for March
  • Minutes of August 27, 1981, meeting of 1981 ASA Council
  • Urban Institute to Award Minority Fellowships
  • Deaths: Dorothy Jean Young (wife of T.R. Young)
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  • MFP Has 40 Graduates; Now Aids 62
  • Committees Appointed
  • NIMH Proposal Survey
  • Peace Academy Bill Introduced in Congress
  • Petition Candidates
  • San Francisco Annual Meeting Sessions Announced
  • World Congress Travel Grants
  • Sociology PhD Production Declines in Late 1970s (Bettina J. Huber)
  • Robert Nisbet Appointed to Advisory Group
  • Doonesbury Cartoon on Sociology Cuts
  • Spivack Dissertation Fellows
  • Minutes of August 29, 1981, meeting of 1982 Council
  • Section Reports
  • Deaths: David W. Craigie (mini-obitary), James E. McKeown
  • Obituaries: Morroe Berger, Carlo Caldarola, Forrest D. Dill, T. Scott
        Miyakawa, Douglas S. Yamamura
  • Nominations Sought for Major ASA Awards
  • How ASA Committees are Chosen (Bettina J. Huber)
  • Member Contributions
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    March 1982 (Volume 10, Number 3)
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  • Special Election Issue
  • Referendum Set on Membership Requirements and Dues
  • Council Discontinues TAS; Keeps SOE, Annuals
  • COSSA Gears Up for New Budget Fight
  • SSRC Begins Series on Social Indicators
  • Update of Registry of Retired Sociologists Planned
  • Federal Agency Research Budgets: Complex and Deceptive
  • Problems of the Discipline Grants Available
  • Candidate Election Biographies
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Editors' Reports
  • ASA to Hold Workshop on Teaching Applied Sociology
  • State Association News
  • Samuel Bloom Receives Sage Award
  • Annual Meeting Space Requests: Other Groups
  • Deaths: Andrew Moore (son of Burt and Joan Moore)
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  • San Francisco Plenaries, Other Special Sessions
  • Teaching Resources Group Available to Help Departments
  • Sex and Gender in the Social Sciences: New Publication Available
  • Sociological Theory Accepting Submissions for Second Annual Volume
  • Problems of the Discipline Grants Awarded
  • New NCES Publications and Data Files on High School Students
  • Miyakawa Fellowship Find
  • TRC Releases "Up the Job Market"
  • Linda Keller Brown Heads U.S.ICA Programs
  • Fulbright Program to Get More Money; Has New Openings
  • Sociology Editors on Writing
  • Robert Cole and Zoltan Tar Receive Grants from NEH
  • Committee Reports
  • Charles Willie to Study Desegration Plans
  • New Membership Directory, Departmental Guides Available
  • More ASA Contributors
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  • New Sociology Research Grants Down Sharply at NIMH
  • NIA Supports Program in Behavioral Science Research
  • Four New Titles Added to Rose Monograph Series
  • Rose Series New Editor's Statement (Ernest Campbell)
  • Ten Students Selected for ASA MFP Fellowships
  • Preliminary Program in the Mail
  • New Registry of Retired Sociologists Available
  • Open Forum: On the Council Proposal to Modify Membership (Charles
        E. King); Code of Ethics Contradiction (Donald M. Heer)
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Information on Travel, Hotels, Child Care for 1982 Annual Meeting
  • Auditor's Report
  • More Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • Section Reports
  • Deaths: James A. Beaudry
  • More ASA Contributors
  • Letters to the Editor: "On Affirmative Action" (Judith Lorber); "On
        Professionalism" (Virginia M. Paulsen); "On the Future of Sociology" 
        (Wayne Wheeler); "On the Use of Languages" (Jack Nusan Porter)
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  • Election Results: James F. Short, Jr., is ASA President Elect; Edgar
        Borgatta is Vice President Elect; Theodore Caplow is Secretary Elect
  • William D'Antonio Chosen to Head Executive Office (William Form)
  • Meetings to Focus on Age and Gender; Innovative Sessions Planned
  • Robin Williams, Jr., and Shmuel Eisenstadt Elected to NAS
  • SM Submission Addresses
  • Deadline for Problems of the Discipline Grants
  • Task Force to Study Employment and Other Issues (Edna Bonacich)
  • Invitation to 1982 Annual Meeting
  • Alice S. Rossi: A Profile of the New ASA President (Joan Huber)
  • Support Urged for NEH
  • Sessions, Organizers Announced for 1983 Annual Meeting
  • Craig Calhoun, Jan Fritz Receive Kellogg Awards
  • New Annual Review of Sociology Available (Ralph Turner)
  • Census Users' Guide
  • North Central Award Given to Russell Dynes, Butler Jones, and John
  • Census Bureau Will Tabulate Data for All Zip Code Areas
  • ACLS Awards
  • Preferential Voting Used in ASA Elections
  • Federal Statistics Users Testify Before Congress
  • NICHD to Support Research on Adolescence
  • Executive Officer's Report: Members and Staff Involved in Many
        Activities (Russell Dynes)
  • New Center for Women's Research Established at Memphis State
  • Deaths: Raymond L. Hightower, Judson T. Landis, A.A. Smick
  • SWS Job Service
  • Diane Welch Vines Named White House Fellow
  • Charles Nam Focuses on Sociology and Population in Southern
        Sociological Society Presidential Address
  • Minutes of the January 22, 1982, meeting of 1982 Council
  • ASA Teaching Workshops Scheduled for 1982 Annual Meeting
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes; his farewell column)
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  • Jerold Heiss, then Barbara Laslett, to Edit CS
  • Major ASA Award Recipients: Kingsley Davis, Career of Distinguished
        Scholarship; Stanley Lieberson, Distinguished Contribution to
        Scholarship; John Pock, Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; Daniel
        C. Thompson, DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award
  • Charles Tilly Receives Common Wealth Award for Distinguished
  • Program Theme: The Social Fabric (James F. Short, Jr.)
  • Travel Grants Awarded for World Congress
  • Letters to the Editor: "Marxist Section Report Clarification" (James
        Geschwender); "TAS Phase-Out and Ethics" (Robert W. Friedrichs)
  • Nominations Sought for JHSB Editorship
  • Report of the Secretary: Budget Concerns Dominate Year; 1982
        Outlook Uncertain (Herbert Costner)
  • Five Sociologists Win Guggenheims
  • New Insurance Plan Offerred
  • Deaths: Harold C. Hoffsommer
  • Submissions Sought for TRC Publication on Stratification and Inequality
  • Annual Meeting Registration and Attendence Continue to Decline
  • Personal Reflections on the 1982 Annual Meeting (William D'Antonio)
  • Scenes from San Francisco (photos)
  • NIMH Research Funds Available
  • June Workshop Focuses on Teaching Applied Sociology
  • CIC Minority Fellowships Offered
  • Photographs Needed as Teaching Aids for Introductory Courses
  • New Applied Sociology Career Booklets Available from ASA
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  • Charles Tiley Receives Common Wealth Award
  • Problems of the Discipline Grants Made to Two Groups
  • Council Considers Resolutions Passed at Business Meeting
  • Alva Myrdal Receives Nobel Prize
  • Doing Sociology in Detroit
  • NSF Announces Continuation of Graduate Fellowship Programs
  • Open Forum: "Sociologists Should Limit Criticism" (Virginia M.
  • Many Sociologists Communicate to "Larger Audiences" (Russell Dynes)
  • Observing (William D'Antonio; new Executive Officer's column)
  • New Edition of Publishing Options Available
  • ASA Petition Guidelines
  • Two National Reports Highlight Need for Basic Research
  • Three Sociologists (Harriet Friedman, Lee Rainwater, Erik Wright)
        Receive German Marshall Fund Awards
  • Obituaries: Cecil Lynn French, Neal Gross, James E. McKeown
  • Conferences Get Grants from Problems of Discipline Fund
  • Handicapped Directory Information Sought
  • Nominations Invited for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship
  • Deaths: Frana S. Wendell
  • Australian National Survey
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  • Nominations Committee Announces 1983 ASA Slate
  • Erving Goffman, Past ASA President, Dies
  • A Letter from the President: Detroit: A Good Setting for an Annual
        Meeting (Alice S. Rossi)
  • Task Group on Homosexuality Report Published
  • Departmental Visits Program Continues to be Successful
  • Open Forum: "An Alternative Approach to Discipline's Funding
        Problems" (Cynthia B. Flynn); "The Future of Sociology and the
        University: A Reply" (Edna Bonacich)
  • Observing: "On Consciousness Raising, and Other Matters" (William
  • NCFR Honors Reuben Hill
  • New Applied Lists Available from ASA
  • Sociologists Would Benefit from More ISA Participation (Melvin Kohn)
  • John Gilderbloom, Richard Appelbaum Receive McGregor Award
  • Association of Sociologists in Business and Industry Formed by ASA
        Practice Section
  • Committee on Women Compiling Vitae
  • Minorities and Women in Sociology: An Update (Paul Williams)
  • Obituaries: Michael J. Hindelang
  • Russell Sage Foundation Program Announcement
  • Four Sociologists (James Coleman, Steven Del Sesto, Cynthia Fuchs
        Epstein, Samuel Ross Cohen) Receive Russell Sage Awards
  • The Sociology of Names: Having Fun with the ASA Directory (David
        O. Friedrichs)
  • Urban Theory and Policy Conference
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