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  • Reaction to ASA Report on Integrity of Federal Statistics
  • Mathematics, Minorities and Women (Lucy W. Sells, ASA Executive
        Specialist for Minorities and Women)
  • Survey Conducted on Teacher Development in Sociology (Bill Ewens,
        Diane Emling)
  • Inaugural Remarks by ASA President Alfred McClung Lee (from 1975
        Annual Meeting Business Meeting)
  • Deaths: Arthur J. Field
  • Open Forum: "In Response to Helena Lopata" (Bernard Goldstein,
        Arlene Kaplan Daniels); "A Journal of Abstracts" (Lee H. Bowker)
  • Workshop on Faculty Development to be Held in Philadelphia
  • State Department Seeks Qualified Consultants
  • Council Meetings to be Open to Members
  • NSF Issues Guidelines for New Program on Research Initiation and
  • National Science Board Notes Social Science Deficiencies
  • Minority Fellowship Program Enters Third Year
  • Council Takes Action on Ethics, Conditions of Research and Teaching
  • Notes from the International Sociological Association
  • 1976 ASA Committees and Representatives
  • Presidents of State Associations Recommend Actions
  • Mental Health Postdoctoral Training Program in Quantitative
        Anthropology (at University of California-Berkeley)
  • Nominations Invited to 1976 ASA Awards (Sorokin, Stouffer, and
Green Arrow Footnotes
March 1976 (Volume 4, Number 3)
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  • Special Election Issue: Biographies of Candidates for ASA Office
  • Petition Candidates
  • Petition Received to Change Constitution and By-Laws
  • Minutes from December 5, 1975, meeting of 1976 Council
  • Conference on Measurement of Social and Economic Data and Public
  • Appeal Procedures Outlined by NSF
  • The Decline of Academic Morality
  • Nominations Invited to ASR and CS Editorships
  • Alex Inkeles and David Norton Smith Receive Hadley Cantril Memorial
  • The Year the Annual Meeting Stood Still (Otto Larsen)
  • In Favor of Referendum Proposals (Alfred McClung Lee, Pamela Roby,
        Carol A. Brown, Leo P. Chall, Ted Goertzel, William Kuvelsky,
        Elizabeth Briant Lee, S.M. Miller, John Moland, Jr., Dorothy K.
        Newman, Kurt H. Wolff)
  • Reasons for ASA Council Opposition to the Petition
  • Interpretation of Proposed Changes to Constitution and By-Laws
  • New Editors Appointed for Three ASA Publications in 1977 (Robin M.
        Williams, Jr., Rose Monograph Series; Howard M. Schuman,
        Sociometry; Karl F. Schuessler, Sociological Methodology)
  • Council Task Group Seeks Volunteers
  • ASA Renews Grants for Problems of the Discipline
  • Cornell Journal of Social Relations Publishes Special Issue in Memory of
        Leonard Reissman
  • Open Forum: "Replies to Riedesel, Sanderson, and Alba" (Joan Huber); 
        "Opportunities for Sociologists through U.S. Department of Labor" 
        (William F. Whyte)
  • Teacher Development Workshop Planned, Applications Invited
  • ASA Council and Committees to Hold Open Meetings in New York
  • ASA Election Districts, Elections, and Representation
  • Three Sociologists Elected to NAS
  • ASA Teacher Development Project Funded by Lilly
  • Correspondence Received in Response to Forthcoming Referendum
        (Arlene Kaplan Daniels, et al., for SWS; Alfred McClung Lee, et al.;
        Jay Demerath; David Knoke; Sheldon Stryker; John Peace; Barbara
        Hetrick, et al.)
  • To the Friends of the Late Ely Chinoy
  • Sociologists Named Recipients of Guggenheim Fellowships
  • Higher Education in the Nation's Consciousness
  • Census Bureau Seeks Suggestions on 20th Decennial
  • Clearinghouses Offer Sociologists Variety of Services
  • Open Forum: "Saints Stink While Whores Smell Good: A Lesson from
        the Social Theories of Robert Merton" (Don Martindale)
  • Letters to the Editor (J.L. Fischer; Ann Arlov; Charles M. Unkovic and
        W.T. Austin)
  • Eastern Sociological Society Honors Paul Lazarsfeld
  • Auditor's Report, December 31, 1975
  • Undergraduates Report Observations of 1975 Annual Meeting
  • Minutes from March 6, 1976, meeting of 1976 Council
  • Valedictory: A Report on the Year 1975-76 (by outgoing ASA
        President Alfred McClung Lee)
  • Shared and Divergent Perspectives: President-Elect J. Milton Yinger
        Announces Theme
  • Report of the Secretary (William Form)
  • Portrait of New President J. Milton Yinger
  • 1977 Program: Call for Papers (Sessions and Organizers)
  • Report of Executive Officer Hans Mauksch
  • Presidential Election Unresolved--Runoff Ballot Mailed; Alice Rossi
        Elected Vice President, James Short Secretary
  • ASA Revises Reporting Dates
  • Teaching Undergraduate Sociology Project Newsletter
  • Sue Titus Reid Appointed ASA Executive Associate
  • Open Forum: "Recruiting and Job Hunting Through Footnotes" (William
        Bruce Cameron, Raymond H. Wheeler); "Translation Guide to Reading
        Letters of Reference" (John J. Hartman)
  • Increases in Social Science Degrees Anticipated
  • NSF Gets Committee Report
  • Letters to the Editor (William Foote Whyte; Jackson Toby; Thomas M.
        Kando; A Student Member; Dirk Hoerder; Amitai Etzioni)
  • Social Systems Research Center Program in Innovative Teaching
  • ASA Teacher Development Workshop in Texas
  • ADAMHA Sets Grant Application Deadline
  • ASA Employment Bulletin to Become Separate Publication
  • Peace Research Abstracts Journal Seeks Abstractors
  • ASA Major Awards Announced in New York: Jeffrey Paige and
        Robert Bellah Win Sorokin Award; Hylan Garnet Lewis Wins DuBois-
        Johnson-Frazier Award; Selection of Stouffer Recipient Delayed Due to
        Award Selection Committee Chair Paul Lazarsfeld's Death
  • Amos Hawley is New ASA President Elect
  • 1977 Program Additions
  • Proposed Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws Rejected in
        Referendum Vote
  • Search Authorized for New ASA Executive Officer
  • Cornerhouse Fund Provides Dissertation Fellowships
  • Meeting with Representatives of Latin American Sociological
  • Sociologists Appointed to NSF Posts: Herbert Costner Appointed
        Director of Social Sciences Division; H. Laurence Ross New Director
        of Law and Social Sciences; William A. Anderson Appointed Program
        Manager in RANN
  • Teacher Development Workshop Held at Boston College
  • National Graduate University Offers Courses on Grants
  • AID Internship Applications Invited
  • Institutions Currently Under AAUP Censure
  • ACLS Travel Grants Available
  • Council Reviews Long Range Planning
  • Candidates Selected for 1977 Elections
  • Council Reinstates Full Section Day
  • MFP Reception Held During Annual Meeting
  • ASA Council Meeting Schedule
  • Federal Funds for Social Science Research
  • Open Forum: "Making Sense of Affirmative Action" (William Austin); 
        "The Annual Meetings for Whom?" (Kenneth Wilson and Christa
        Reiser); "A Divergent Perspective from the "Shared and the Divergent
        Perspectives . . . Theme?" (John R. Maiolo)
  • Programs in NSF's Division of Social Sciences
  • The Editorial Policy of the American Sociological Review (Morris
        Zelditch, ASR Editor)
  • Letters to the Editor (James S. Coleman; Joe Feagin; Alexander D.
        Blumenstiel; Harold S. Stamm; Charles P. Flynn; Carol Van Steenberg;
        Robin Karasik; Kenneth H. Reichstein; George Floro)
  • Paul Williams New ASA MFP Director
  • Privacy Study Commission Hearing
  • Social Indicators 1976 Seeks Papers
  • News from the International Sociological Association
  • Obituaries: Donald Winston Ball, Yoon Hough Kim, Samuel Harman
        Lowrie, Maurice Manel, Charles H. Newton, Thomas Lynn Smith,
        Shirley A. Staff (and editor's note that obituaries which had been moved
        to TAS will be published in Footnotes again)
  • Additional Candidates for 1977 Ballot
  • Study of Nontraditional Careers Planned
  • ASA Experiments with Programs Newsletter
  • EOB Committee Follows Council: Reviews Executive Office Staff
  • Council Confronts Crunch for Space at Annual Meeting
  • 1977 Program Additions
  • Teaching Column
  • Minutes of September 1, 1976, meeting of 1976 Council
  • Minutes of September 4, 1976, meeting of 1977 Council
  • Section Reports
  • Obituaries: Paul F. Lazarsfeld, Dinko A. Tomasic, Joyce O. Hertzler