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  • ASA Committee Appointments and Representatives
  • NSF Program Outlined; Emphasized Areas Cited (by Larry Rhoades,
        ASA Executive Associate; first in a series of articles on the research
        mission and interests of federal agencies)
  • Plenary Sessions, Thematic Panels for 1975 Annual Meeting in San
  • NEH Summer Seminars Offered to Undergraduate Teachers
  • Job Hunting Hints Given to Undergraduate Majors
  • Open Forum: "Discriminatory Practices Against Non-Citizens Assailed" 
        (Bradley W. Parlin and Kooros M. Mahmondi)
  • Letters to the Editor: "Wants Information on Rejected Proposals" 
        (Donald B. Wallace); "Turnaround Time" (Daniel Koenig)
  • Elbridge Sibley Traces 50-Year History of SSRC
  • Sociological Methodology 1975 Available
  • Limits to Growth Offers $20,000 In Prizes for Research Papers
  • New PhD Roster for Sale
  • Graduate Departments Included in 1975 Guide
  • Policy Change on Page Charges May Yield Funds for ASA Journals
  • Women and Minorities in Sociology: Findings from Annual ASA Audit
        (Joan R. Harris, ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women)
  • Call for Papers on Auto Safety
  • Social Indicator Publications Ready
  • State Associations Increase to 20
  • Sources for Information on Federal Jobs
  • New Committee on Annual Meeting Child Care Seeks Volunteers
  • Sociologists Active in ACLS
  • Nominations Invited for ASA DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award
  • State Department Offers Internships in Intercultural Communications
  • Summary Institute in Survey Research Techniques
  • Candidates Sought for ASA Executive Posts
  • Applied Communication Research, Inc. Seeks Innovations in
        Disseminating Scientific, Technical Information
  • Applied Sociology Yields Environmental Awards
  • Evaluation Research Training Offered by New Sociological and
        Demographic Institute at the University of Massachusetts
  • Questionnaires for 1975 Directory of Members Mailed
  • International Journal on Language Problems Seeks Articles
  • NSF Publications on Programs, Grants, Rules, and Procedures
  • Fulbright-Hays Program Seeks Applications
  • Problems of the Discipline Grant Proposal Deadline: February 1
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  • Council Acts on Resolutions from Annual Business Meeting
  • Open Nomination Process Adds 17 Candidates to 1975 Ballot
  • 501 New PhDs Seeking Jobs
  • 13 Didactic Seminars Announced for Annual Meeting in San Francisco
  • Federal Control: Debate Rates Over Rules for Research
  • Self Control: Ethics Committee Concerns Cited; Reactions Invited
        (Cynthia Fuchs Epstein)
  • Open Forum: "Stouffer Committee Affirms Action; Asks for Mandate
        Interpretation" (John A. Clausen); "Hors d'oeuvres: Threat or Menace"    (Roy Lotz and Robert M. Regoli); "Comments on Issues Related to
        Environmental Sociology" (Patrick C. Jobes)
  • Letters to the Editor: "New Sampling Designs" (Riley E. Dunlap)
  • Rockefeller-Form Program Invites Applications for Policy Research
  • Renee Fox to Serve Second Year as Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar
  • AKD Elects Officers, Adds Chapters and Contest
  • Sociological Focus Sharpens "Focus on Policy"
  • Michigan State University Holds Workshop on Visual Methods
  • NEH Supports 22 Humanistically-Oriented Projects
  • First Undergraduate Audit Compares Graduate and Undergraduate
        Departments (Joan R. Harris, ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities
        and Women)
  • Six Sociologists Visit U.S. Under Fulbright-Hays Program
  • Video Tapes, Monograph Series Issued by International Sociological
  • ASA Directory Mailing Rescheduled for March
  • Minorities and Women: Notes on Guidelines to Affirmative Action (Joan
        R. Harris, ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women)
  • Immigration History Research Center at University of Minnesota Offers
        Research Funds to Study White Ethnic Groups
  • Social Problems Solicits Manuscripts for Special Issue on Women
  • Integrity of Federal Statistics Systems Scrutinized by ASA Committee
        on Government Statistics
  • Roper Center Prepares Survey Trend Data for Social Indicator
  • Notre Dame Council Endorses Part-Time Faculty Appointments
  • ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education Seeks Assessments of Four
        Areas in Education
  • British Survey Center Offers Fellowships
  • Journal of Social Issues Extends Call for Papers
  • Institut International de Sociologie to Hold 26th International Congress
  • Update on ASA Project on Undergraduate Education
  • Socio-Crostic #4 (William Petersen)
  • Minutes from December 7, 1974, meeting of 1975 Council
  • Obituaries: Bernard Sklar, Joseph Bram
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  • Hans Mauksch Named ASA Executive Officer
  • Professional Workshops Added to 1975 Program
  • NIMH Cites Social Science Research Interests and Funding (Larry
        Rhoades, ASA Executive Associate)
  • Group Flights to San Francisco Meeting
  • Retired Sociologists Wanted for Registry
  • Roper Center Data Bank Provides Opportunities for Secondary
  • Minorities and Women: DuBois Conference Papers Summarized (Joan
        R. Harris, ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women)
  • NIMH Announces Basic and Applied Grants to Sociologists for 78
  • SSRC Workshops and Fellowships Offered on Criminal Justice
  • AAAS Congressional Fellows Program Seeks Candidates
  • Travel Research Association Announces Contest for Student Papers on
        Travel or Tourism
  • Info on Data Banks Wanted for Footnotes Listing
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  • Social R&D Study May Set Terms for National Debate
  • National Center for Public Service Internship Programs
  • Author's Guide to Selected Journals Launches New ASA Series
  • State Associations Exploring Role in Several Areas
  • New Sections on Marxist and Environmental Sociology Forming for
  • Special Vote Scheduled on ASA Constitutional Issues
  • Open Forum: "Blalock Replies to Duncan on Methodology" (H.M.
        Blalock, Jr.); "Metric Conversion: Study Needed" (Saul D. Feldman); 
        "Quantification: No Substitution for Insight" (Charles P. Flynn)
  • DC Sociological Society Gives Employment Assistance to Sociology
        Majors (Steven Cades)
  • Arithmetical Statistics: A Different Approach (Richard G. Lefkon)
  • Undergraduate Sociology Curriculum Emphasizes "Practical" Courses
  • Black Doctorates in Sociology Total 185; 53 Added Since 1968
  • Roster of Black Doctorates Ready
  • Did ASA Start Trend to Washington?
  • NIE Provides Funding for 27 Sociology Projects
  • University of Chicago Expands Post-Doc Program
  • SWS Seeking Input for Publications
  • Salisbury State College Offers Academic Credit to Students Attending
        Annual Meeting
  • New Volume Relates Social Policy to Sociology
  • Letters to the Editor: "Cussler Legal Defense Fund" (Herbert Blumer,
        Lewis A. Coser, Alfred McClung Lee, Albert J. McQueen, Stanton
        Wheeler, Charlotte Wolf, Arlene Kaplan Daniels, Carelton W. Smith); 
        "SWS Pleased with Child Care" (Judith Lorber); "Affirmative Action
        Column Draws Comment" (Edgar F. Borgatta); "Parsons Restates
        View on Research Needs" (Carole W. Parsons); "Journal Editor
        Replies on Turnaround Problem" (Gary H. Winkel); "Taiwan
        Department Seeks Ties with U.S. Counterparts" (Daniel Ross)
  • Minorities and Women: Report on Roster Workshop (Joan R. Harris,
        ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women)
  • NEXU.S.: Only a Phone Call Away!
  • World Health Organization Offers Travel Funds
  • Texas Christian University Establishes Data Center on Drug Abuse
  • Obituaries: Leonard Reissman, Thomas F. O'Dea, Joseph H. Bunzel,
        John F. O'Rourke, Joseph Kelly Johnson, Frank J. Cannavale, Jr.,
        Miron Constantinescu, Carl Martin Rosenquists
  • Researchers Seek Info on Legal Regulation of Life Styles
  • ISI Offers Philadelphia Tours to Scientists During Bicentennial
  • Social Science Quarterly Seeks Manuscripts for Special Issue on
        Society and Scarcity
  • New Section on World Conflicts in Formation
  • Japan Society Announces Grants
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  • 39 ASA Minority Fellows Named; Some Funding Needed
  • Council Establishes 12-Week Reporting Rule for Editors
  • ASA Runoff Election Required for President, Vice President
  • Undergraduate Project Attracts 75 Volunteers
  • First Annual ASA "Roast" Set for San Francisco Meeting
  • ASA in 1980: Counsel to Council on Planning (Otto N. Larsen, ASA
        Executive Officer)
  • Open Forum: "Sewell Responds to Proxmire on NSF Funding of Basic
        Research" (William H. Sewell); "Comments on Multiple Submissions
        Policy" (A. Emerson Smith); "Training Needs for Non-Academic Jobs
        Cited" (Edward E. Harris)
  • ASA Committee Seeks Information from Non-Academic Sociologists
        (Leonard I. Pearlin)
  • Ethnographic Study Proposals Sought
  • Foundation Center Provides Information on Funding by Foundations
  • Child Care Committee Reports on Arrangements for San Francisco
        Meeting (Jerome H. Skolnick)
  • Assembly Charged with Relating Social Science to Government Policy
  • Professional Workshop Participants Announced
  • NEH Wants Proposals for Summer Seminars
  • Planned Change Proposals Sought for Award Competition
  • Committee on Status of Women in Sociology Schedules Open Session
        for Annual Meeting
  • German Marshall Fund Offers Fellowships for Work on Industrial
  • Letters to the Editor: "Change Proposed in ASA Ballot" (Ithiel de Sola
        Pool); "Would You Respond to This Vacancy Ad?" (Charles Burton); 
        "ISA Deviance Committee Outlines Major Goals" (Jim Hackler); 
        "Wants Tables, Figures Inserted in Text" (Warren O. Hagstrom)
  • Regional Science Association Announces Dissertation Award
  • Minutes from March 8, 1975, meeting of 1975 Council
  • AAAS Seeks Papers for Psychological-Social-Cultural Prize
  • Call for Papers for Third Conference on Behavior Research and
        Technology in Higher Education
  • Deaths: Ely Chinoy, Caroline Rose
  • Second Round of Proposals on Teaching Undergraduate Sociology Due
        in October
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  • Sociology for Whom? President-Elect Alfred McClung Lee States 1976
        Program Theme
  • Conflict and Dissensus: President Lewis Coser Underscores Program
        Theme for San Francisco
  • Amnesty Statement Endorsed; Members Split on ASA Action
  • Registry of Retired Sociologists Available
  • Special Phone Number for San Francisco Meeting
  • Study in Contrasts: Portrait of New ASA President Alfred McClung
  • 70th Annual Meeting Sets Participation Records
  • Open Forum: "ASA Editors Not Paradigm Enforcers; Mirror Work of
        Profession" (Lee Freese); "Calls for ASA Initiatives on Research Rules" 
        (John R. Maiolo)
  • Deadlines and Procedures Posted for 1976 Annual Meeting in New
  • 1975 ASA Directory of Members Available
  • SSSI Notes Newsletter
  • ASA Author's Guide to Selected Journals Available
  • Lucy W. Sells Named ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and
  • Proposals Wanted by ASA Undergraduate Sociology Project
  • Phillip Carey Named ASA Minority Fellowship Program Director
  • ISA 9th World Congress to be Held in Uppsala, Sweden
  • Pacific Sociological Association Adopts Bicentennial Theme for 1976
  • Bicentennial Youth Debates Program Invites Participants
  • Social Science Information Service Seeks Research Findings on Pending
  • New Journal, Sociological Practice, Announced
  • Richard Yinger Seeks New Specialty Based on Extraterrestrial Life
  • Wilson Fellowships Offer Support for Major Scholarly Undertakings
  • RANN Offers Disaster Research Funding
  • Quizzical Guide to San Francisco Program Sessions
  • Report of the ASA Executive Officer (Otto N. Larsen)
  • Report of the Secretary (William Form)
  • Committee Reports
  • Editors' Reports
  • Section Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • Special Report of the Investigation of the Commitment to Affirmative
        Action by the University of California-Berkeley Department of
  • Obituaries: Carl Cleveland Taylor, Caroline B. Rose, Oliver Cromwell
  • Runoff Vote Elects J. Milton Yinger ASA President and Suzanne Keller
        Vice President
  • Problems of the Discipline Grants Announced
  • Minority Program Strengthened by Spivack Fellowship Grants
  • First ASA President Lester Frank Ward Memorialized in Cathedral
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  • Sorokin Award Presented to Immanuel Wallerstein; Stouffer Award
        Presented to Harrison White
  • Council Ruling Requires Membership for Program Participation
  • R&D Funding at State Level Quadruples
  • About the 1975 Meeting Held in San Francisco
  • 1976 RANN Objectives Outlined
  • Open Forum: "Sociologists Need to Address Foundational Issues of
        Discipline" (Stephen Turner)
  • A Glossary of Sociological Terms (Arthur E. Nudelman, Donald H.
        Smith, Barbara E. Nudelman, James B. Haugh)
  • New Social Indicators Edition Adds Three Areas
  • High School Students Given College Introduction to Social Sciences
  • NAS Admits One Sociologist Among 14 New Candidates
  • NSF Programs Provide Support for Student Research Projects
  • Student Assistants Provided by AID
  • Letters to the Editor: "Suggests Career Option: Management
        Consultant" (Linda Pappas); "Quantification Needed in Sociology as
        Well" (David F. Greenberg)
  • Talmon Competition Wants Manuscripts
  • Invitation for Proposals on Teaching Undergraduate Sociology
  • A Note from the New Editor of The American Sociologist (Alan D.
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences Honors Seven Sociologists
  • Guggenheim Grants Awarded to Nine Sociologists
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  • Sessions Added for 1976 Program
  • Candidates Selected for 1976 Elections
  • Open Nominations Procedure
  • Open Forum: "On Publishing" (Helena Z. Lopata)
  • Letters to the Editor: "In Memory of Oliver C. Cox" (Edward Harris
        and Rhoda Lois Goldstein); "Sociologists Gay Caucus" (Steering
  • Order Form for 1975 Convention Cassettes
  • Obituaries: Rupert Bayless Vance, Lathrop V. Beale, Benjamin F.
        McLuckie, Floyd Nelson House, Tilman M. Cantrell
  • Auditor's Report, June 30, 1975
  • ASA Publication on Sociologists in Non-Academic Employment
  • Invitation to Participate in Program of Undergraduate Teaching
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  • Council Changes Fiscal Year to Calendar Year; Begins Long Range
  • New Policies for ASA Publications
  • 1976 Program Reminder
  • Political Scientists Give American Sociological Review High Ratings
  • Open Forum: "Justice and Affirmative Action" (Paul Riedesel); 
        "Affirmative Action and Principled Ethics" (Stephen K. Sanderson); 
        "Affirmative Action Continued" (Richard D. Alba)
  • Obituaries: Ely Chinoy
  • Minority Fellowship Program Application Deadline
  • Sociologists Elected to Institute of Medicine
  • Minutes from August 30, 1975, meeting of 1976 Council